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391Re: [FraDiavolo] DiIorio Family in Gaeta

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  • Linda Peloquin
    Apr 7, 2008
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      You're in luck!! 

      For your Grandfather's comune, Coreno Ausonio,  in the Province of Frosinone the LDS was allowed to film records from 1809 to 1904 so you should be able to find not only your Grandfather's birth act but quite possibly the marriage act of his parents and if he married while still in Italy, his marriage as well.  Also the death acts of his parents.  From the marriage and death you can learn your Great-Grandparents' parents' names.  You will also find it fairly easy to build family groups.

      Italian records will give you a wealth of information.  You should first look at the book "Italian Genealogical Records" by Trafford Cole, ISBN 0-916489-58-2 Chapter 6 Napoleonic Records.  Once you see a few of the records, you will easily catch on to what they are "saying" and the information you are seeing despite it being in Italian.

      You will need to locate a Family History Center near you and go in to fill out the paperwork and fee ($5+/ea) for borrowing the microfilms from Salt Lake City.  Your FHC will notify you when the materials you requested arrive so that you can go in and research them.

      The site you want to go to for getting the film #s and locating a FHC is familysearch.org  library tab and sub tabs FHL catalog & Family History Centers.

      I looked up your films using the "Place" search mode  and simply entering  "Coreno Ausonio" which go me to the page hat gave me the films' title and # of reels of film; Registri dello stato civile, 1809-1904 - 19 reels of 35mm microfilm.  "View Film Notes" then told me what was on each reel of film.

      For your Grandfather's birth in 1877 you will want to look at Nati 1865-1893 FHL INTL Film  1882501.  (http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Library/fhlcatalog/supermainframeset.asp?display=titlefilmnotes&columns=*%2C0%2C0&titleno=15483&disp=Registri+dello+stato+civile++)

      When you get further into searching your family and back close to the cut off date of 1809 you might want to look at the films titled "
      Processetti" which are files of the records that a couple needed to turn-in for the marriage.  The second page of their Marriage Act will list the documents in the Processetti for the marriage.  It's through some of the acts for the couple's parents that you can sometimes move back a generation beyond the cut-off of the records in 1809.

      You can also use the search function on the first page to try and locate other dates and film #s for your family.  Searching your Grandfather's name, for example, yielded an IGI for the marriage of FORTUNATO ANTONIO D'IORIO,
      27 DEC 1839   Coreno Ausonio, Frosinone, Italy to  MARIA TERESA RUGGIERO.  Since a 1839 marriage with the groom being aged 30y is probably too far back to be your Grandfather's parents, the possibility exists that this is the marriage of your Grandfather's DiOriopaternal grandparents.  This Fortunato's parents are given as  GIUSEPPE D'IORIO   & ANASTASIA VENTO and his bride's were  MATTEO RUGGIERO &  MARIA PARENTE.

      The results page also gives the FHL film that the record is found on -  Matrimoni 1809-1813, 1816-1861 FHL INTL Film   1173763 Items 1-18.  Once you find the marriage of your Grandfather's parents, you will know if the Fortunato on this IGI is your Grandfather's grandfather.

      Have fun.


      sandras1012 <k9wife490@...> wrote:
      Hello. Im looking for any information on the birth of my Grandfather.
      I have a paper from the italian army (need to get it translated) but
      it states his parents names and the place/date of his birth. Would you
      be able to help me find his birth certificate or any info on his
      parents?? Any help is greatly greatly appreciated.

      My Grandfather: Fortunato Di Iorio
      date of birth: 1 October 1877
      place of birth: Corcero Aussonio

      My Grandfathers Fathers Name: Antonio (was a Tailor by trade)
      My Grandfathers Mothers Name: Biasiotta Carolina

      Thanks in advance.

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