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376Re: [FraDiavolo] Itrani Films - VAULT ALERT!!!!!

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  • Linda Peloquin
    Mar 11, 2008
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      Well, I know before I'd be likely to spend the money on a trip to Salt Lake that I'd probably save that and put it towards a trip to Itri so that's not going to work on me, at any rate. Going to Venice as I did and not having but a few shakey phrases in Italian memorized is one thing...everyone there seemed to speak English as well as a couple of other languages beyond Italian; a marvel to someone like me who struggles with trying to learn another language....but going to little Itri with no Italian would be entirely different.  Before any trip to the ancestral village, I've got to somehow learn some basic Italian beyond those words that filtered down to my generation and used to get us in mega trouble with the adults if we were caught using them as kids :-)

      The whole set of numbers for the Itri films is:
      Registri dello stato civile, 1809-1865  Itri (Latina). Ufficio dello stato civile

      Nati 1809, 1811-1813, 1817, 1820-1824 (28 giugno)    FHL INTL Film  1169206 Items 3-5
      Nati (28 giugno) 1824-1831  # 1169207  VAULT INTL Film  1169207
      Nati 1832-1839   VAULT INTL Film  1169208
      Nati 1840-1847 (26 mar.) FHL INTL Film 1169209
      Nati (26 mar.) 1847-1854 FHL INTL Film 1169210
      Nati 1855-1865     FHL INTL Film 1169211
      Matrimoni 1809-1812 FHL INTL Film 1173753 Item 19
      Matrimoni 1817; Morti 1813, nati 1817; Matrimoni 1818-ag. 1840     FHL INTL Film 1173754
      Matrimoni ag. 1840-1861 FHL INTL Film 1173755
      Morti 1809-1812, 1817-ag. 1827     FHL INTL Film 1178870 Items 9-12
      Morti ag. 1827-magg. 1846 VAULT INTL Film 1178871
      Morti magg. 1846-1855, 1857-1861 VAULT INTL Film 1178872 Items 1-13
      Processetti 1817-1819     VAULT INTL Film 1424265 Items 3-4
      Processetti 1819-1824     VAULT INTL Film 1424266
      Processetti 1823-1829     VAULT INTL Film 1424267
      Processetti 1828-1833     VAULT INTL Film 1424268
      Processetti 1834-1837     VAULT INTL Film 1424269
      Processetti 1836-1842     VAULT INTL Film 1424270
      Processetti 1840-1846     VAULT INTL Film 1424271
      Processetti 1845-1850     VAULT INTL Film 1424272
      Processetti 1850-1852     VAULT INTL Film 1424273
      Processetti 1851-1856     VAULT INTL Film 1424274
      Processetti 1855-1858     VAULT INTL Film 1424275
      Processetti 1857-1861 FHL INTL Film 1424276
      Processetti 1861 FHL INTL Film 1424277 Item 1
      Diversi 1812-1860 FHL INTL Film 1037931 Items 15-23

      I'm not sure what is going on but when I compared this list above to the printout I made over the weekend, there are now fewer of the regular BMD films on "Vault" and most of the Processetti on "Vault". 

      Still 15 films but some different from the ones that were "vault" this weekend.  I'm glad to see the as lot of the BMD ones back to just the regular designation but distressed to see the early Processetti films have become vault.  I was able to get back just a spot further thanks to the Processetti and firm up some links to the catasto so I'm not happy to see these going over to "Vault".  Looks like a couple of my films that I have on "indefinite " loan may be going back but I hope not.  I'd better grab the two latest Processetti and look at those before they too are unavailable to me.

      Either way, it's been months since I made time to go into my FHC and look at the Itri films, most of which Jason had put on "indefinite", but I think I'm going to start making it a point to get in there regularly and get everything I can out of the films.  This whole thing has really rattled me and shaken me from my complacency.  I just hope that since this list has changed since Saturday that some of the films that were "vault" and are not now, weren't pulled from the files and already shipped back.


      marie saccoccio <saccocciom@...> wrote:
      You know this could be a ploy to get folks to travel to Salt Lake City.  Since there are very few records outside of this collection on Itri, they may have been chosen for precisely this reason!! 
      I have a Latter Day Center right down the street from me.  I have never crossed the threshold.  Perhaps I should.  what precisely should I ask for??

      Linda Peloquin <miyukichan0987@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      I think so...I went in one day when Verna was pulling films and I asked her about what she was doing and she showed me a list that had come from Salt Lake that our director wanted the volunteers to pull.  U know what a stickler he seems to be.  I'm afraid to ask and bring attention to the films...I wish there were some way we could spirit them out of there and have bootlegs made...I'd definitely want to share the cost especially if the alternative is having all that information locked away where we can't see it any more.


      Jason Soscia <jsoscia3@yahoo. com> wrote:
      Can they really recall them back to Salt Lake?  I paid for most of those Itri films to be kept there indefinitely.

      miyukichan0987 <miyukichan0987@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      I noticed while composing a response to our newest member, Martine,
      that quite a few of the films for Itri now say "VAULT INTL Film"
      rather than "FHL INTL Film'.

      I do know that under certain circumstances, films that were previously
      available to research, suddenly become restricted for reasons no one
      aka the volunteers at my FHC has been able to tell me because they
      don't know either. They just get notices from Salt Lake telling them
      to pull the films and return them to the FHL.

      If these films that are now "Vault" are to be restricted it would be a
      major blow to all of us trying to research our ancestors in Itri! It
      has been frustrating enough for me that I can only research the period
      between 1809 -1865 but now to lose a major portion of the films of
      that period would be an insurmountable research tragedy!

      15 of the 26 films of records for Itri are now designated "Vault". I
      called my FHC to see if that means the records are no longer available
      but the volunteer did not know what "Vault" meant with respect to
      films already on loan. So far, the Itrani films at the Warwick, RI
      FHC that are on "Indefinite" loan and which constitute nearly a
      complete set of all the 26 films available, all seem to still be there.

      However, since I don't know if they will at some point in the near
      future be ordered pulled from the files and sent back to Salt Lake,
      I'm going to start living at the FHC because I am far from done with
      searching through those films.

      Can anyone tell the rest of us if "Vault" means that we are about to
      lose access to over 50% of the available films on Itri or not??


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