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342Re: [FraDiavolo] Iacueo from Itri, Latina, Italy

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  • Rick J
    Jul 2, 2007
      I agree with Jason. On the passenger list of the ship my g grandmother took to NYC, they noted the city of birth as "Itri, Latina (previously Caserta), Italy." So they probably changed things around after unification.

      Jason S <jsoscia3@...> wrote:
      Itri used to be part of the province of Caserta, now it's part of the province of Latina.  At one point I think it was part of Littoria.  I guess they changed the borders a lot, probably something to do with the unification back then. 

      marie saccoccio <saccocciom@yahoo. com> wrote:
      Yes, I clicked into the site also and was impressed!  Only one Saccoccio, a/k/a Gaccoccio.  Also, does anyone know what/where "Caserta" is?  I have seen many entries on immigration docs which provide "Itri, Caserta, Italy."  My grandfather' s ship documents say Itri, Caserta.  Is it a section of Itri, or Italy??  I know the province is Latina.
      Marie Elena Saccoccio

      Rick J <rickj100001@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      I looked at your site and was very impressed. I was astounded by the number of surnames you have listed there. I can't even imagine how long it took to put all that together. I didn't immediately see any direct connections to my chart, but I didn't analyze it in depth (I will at some point).
      As for the Long Islanders, that is something I had planned to look more closely at. I knew there were people on LI with those surnames, but I haven't attempted any contact yet. I know there is an Itri club in Queens, and I will be corresponding with them shortly.
      Thanks for your post.

      Judy Tuccinardi <judytucci@comcast. net> wrote:
      Hi Rick (an everyone else too),
      In looking at your list of surnames and some of them are ones that are in my database too: Agresti, DeLucia (similar to your DeLuca but may be a different line all together), Mancini, Ruggieri and Saccoccio. If you want you can take a look at my website listed below. My Italian surnames lived mostly on Long Island, hailed from Itri. Welcome to the group, Judy
      Judy Young Tuccinardi
      Genealogy website:http://www.ourfamil ynearandfar. net
      You can switch the language to German or Italian from my homepage. It doesn’t translate everything but it may help those of you looking at my site if English is not your primary language.
      Sie können die Sprache zu deutschem oder zum Italiener von meinem homepage schalten. Es übersetzt nicht alles, aber es kann denen von Ihnen helfen meinen Aufstellungsort betrachtend, wenn Englisch nicht Ihre Primärsprache ist.
      Potete commutare la lingua a tedesco o ad italiano dal mio homepage. Non traduce tutto ma può aiutarvi quelli che guardate il mio luogo se l'inglese non è la vostra lingua primaria.
      Email: judytucci@adelphia. net
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      US: Young, Hayes, Masters, Meyer, Philipps, Cary, Buck.
      Germany: Meyer, Philipps, Weiss, Sander, Bertsch, Reiff.
      Italy: Tuccinardi, Notturno, Sileo, Corpolongo.

      “We must be willing to leave the life we had planned in order to embrace the life that is waiting for us. “  Joseph Campbell
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      On Jun 26, 2007, at 11:21 PM, rickj100001 wrote:

      Hello, new guy here.

      My name is Rick, and I live on Long Island, NY. I have been
      researching my family name on my father's side, Iacueo. The Iacueos
      originated almost exclusively in Itri, Italy. In the U.S., some
      Iacueos settled in Cranston, RI, while others settled in NYC. The
      Itri Square monument in Cranston includes the name Iacueo. In NYC,
      the Iacueos resided mainly in lower Manhattan in the area around E.
      10th Street after immigrating in the early 1900s.

      Thanks to the LDS Western Europe Vital Records Index, I have managed
      to put together a fairly substantial pedigree chart for the period
      between the mid/late 1700s through the mid-1800s. That said, of
      course there are also significant holes, particularly for the mid
      1800s - early 1900s period as well as for the pre-1760s or so. Aside
      from Iacueo, the family names on my chart (with in-laws) include
      many familiar Itri surnames:

      Del Bove
      De Luca
      Di Biase
      Di Luzzo
      Di Maggio
      Di Mascolo

      I have ordered microfilm from my local LDSFHC, but I suspect that I
      may not glean too much additional info that has not been already
      included in the vital records index.

      Has anyone gotten more info from the microfilm vs. the vital records

      I am also extremely interested in obtaining copies of both the 1754
      and 1809(?) Catasti Onciari for Itri, as well as the pre-1800
      baptism records. I would certainly appreciate it if someone with
      these records could contact me; obviously I will pay whatever is
      reasonable to obtain copies.

      I have also become a great fan of the work that Joe Fidaleo has
      done; his website is the model that I am working towards.

      Finally and most importantly, I am looking forward to conversing
      with my fellow Itrani descendents in this group!


      Rick J.

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      Marie Elena Saccoccio

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