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335Re: [FraDiavolo] Re: Itri - Marseilles Connection?

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  • marie saccoccio
    Jun 30 7:46 PM
      I have also read on rootsweb one member describing her ancestor from Itri (female) who started out from Itri and landed in Marseille and then that same ship went on to NYC.  this could be about money.  I know many Irish immigrants ended up in Canada originally and then came down to Boston.  It was about money for passage.  It could be that they had enough money for part of the trip but not the whole trip to USA at that moment.
      gcpezza@... wrote:
      Hi everyone,
      I talked to my father today. Many Itrani's went to France for work. Marseilles the main area where they worked the ports. Also Mentz in Northern France was another area where Itrani's went. They went to work the coal mines.
      Greg Pezza

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