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33Caffe Itri

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  • Domenic Livoli
    Aug 1, 2004
      Hello To All In The Group,

      For those in the group that do not live in RI or are not familiar with the restaurant, I am sending a link of Caffe Itri, located in Knightsville in Cranston, RI. He has been open about 12 years. Does a fantastic business. He goes to Itri at least once a year, checking out products and learning some new recipes.

      Domenic Livoli


      I would like to try to press all of you for some authentic Itrani recipes from the different people in the group. My mom has some that she makes like her mother did, especially the simple pizza. Do any of you have some memories of recipes of the great foods that you ate in childhood? Maybe we could get them into a group and publish them.

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