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304RE: [FraDiavolo] need advice/tips planning to visit rome and itri this summer

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  • Stephen Ruggieri
    Apr 8, 2007
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      Hi Teresa !


      Ok, I can tell you that the most expensive time to go to Italy is in the summer. Last year I paid $700 non stop to Rome. (BOOK EARLY) But I also stayed for the  month of August. It also depends on the exchange rate as well. Itri is an up and coming area for both tourists and real estate. Let me explain. Gaeta, where my girlfriend lives, is right on the water and famous for their beaches.  For this reason prices have sky rocketed for that time of year for rentals as well as for buying. Itri is only 15 minutes from Gaeta and there is a lot of development going on now and the prices are going up. It’s basically the same relationship between NYC and Brookyln, without the beach !


      So. With that said, Your best bet is to fly into Rome. Naples is closer but typically more expensive and there aren’t any direct flights. Once you’re there you can take a train for about 30 Euros to Itri or Formia. Check out the schedules. FIND FAMILY ! You will not have to pay to stay other than helping with groceries etc. or, find a B&B. My girlfriend’s family has property close to the beach  in the middle of Gaeta, but I don’t know if the properties are rented already and not sure on the cost. I will only inquire if you are absolutely certain you want to travel. They are no nonsense kind of people. Also, there are options to rent in the castle in ITRI. I don’t know what the prices are but I can do a little research for you if you have any specific requests.


      I’ll throw this out,


      1.     Special needs

      2.     Budget for Housing

      3.     Length of Time to stay in Itri.

      4.     Transportation while in Itri.

      5.     Anyone have a motorcycle License?

      6.     Be sure to get an international drivers license at AAA for $30 bucks if you plan on driving.


      I’ll do what I can to help.


      Peace, Light &* Happiness,


      Stephen Ruggieri

      Energy Healer


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      Hi All,

      I am trying to plan a trip for me and my two teens to Rome and a visit
      to Itri. I've never been there before so I'd appreciate some advise,
      tips, any info from all who have been there. We can either go the last
      week in June or the first week of August. If we could find nice
      accommodations at a good enough rate we could extend it to two weeks. I
      looked into some tours but they only spend about two days in Rome and
      they are quite pricey. Well, any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Take care,

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