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293Re: Western Europe Vital Records Index

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  • B. J. Di Crocco
    Apr 6, 2007
      It lists by surname search - birth records and marriage records.
      Then it shows by city and region - most of these are the civil
      records. So they for example on a wedding certificate show name of
      groom, then spouse - their ages in years at time of marriage - then
      they show where it was registered - Itri or CastdG (castile di Gaeta)-
      then they show groom's parents - including mother's maiden name -
      and the same for the bride! So you gain four more people behind those
      two -- and if you subtract the ages from the year of marriage, you
      figure the approximate birth year - then you can continue to search
      for birth records around then - using the generational naming pattern
      allows you to second guess a grandparent's name - although I was
      wrong once or twice it did bring me to other family memebers like
      uncles and aunts! Those of course help you back to family with their
      records!And because this is a digital data system it is all neatly
      typed in and easier to read than microfilm! I can honestly say I have
      made more progress in one week than I have in two years! It is
      suddenly falling into place so nicely! 'Course it could just be I
      finally am on a learning curve but it has been so exciting! One of
      the highlights - on microfilm I found a birth certificate for someone
      named Crocco (mother) - so I photocopied it and saved it - not sure
      why. But a few moonths later I found another DiCrocco and I ahve
      learned to save all references to our last name so I had this one.
      Well this week studying these two records - translating them to
      English - I found they are the same couple - but in the one record
      they dropped the di! Even the people signing as witnesses were the
      same - and parents of both mother and father - identical! Side note
      to this - three years apart they had daughters - named both with same
      first name but differing middle names - suspect I should search for a
      death certificate for the first Maria.... sigh.
      FraDiavolo@yahoogroups.com, Jason S <jsoscia3@...> wrote:
      > What sort of records on that CD were from Itri?
      > "B. J. Di Crocco" <BonVal@...> wrote: I just received a
      purchase of this from LDS - it encompasses years late
      > 1500's to 1905 -- the records for Italy are by no means compelte -
      > one disc is from Italy - other countries are Alpine, Beneluz,
      > German and Spanish Regions - the miulti disc set cost $27 including
      > postage - it came lots faster than the suggested 4-6 weeks (took
      > week) -- all that said -- this is remarkable! Even with so much
      > from the Italian records, I found plenty from our area! And it was
      > fabulous!!! I was able to document positively folks I was not sure
      > belonged to us via cross referencing names of couples, their
      > and wedding dates versus birth dates! Anyway I now have 511 folks I
      > know for positive are related - just those on the Italian
      connection -
      > back to 1774! Add these to the newly ordered set we are all
      planning on
      > and I should be able to cement a few more generations!
      > I have been working on organization and cross referencing to keep
      > everyone sorted. So far color coding helps to divide out main line
      > inlaws - but then I found that writing out the 6 generation
      > charts with family group sheets for every couple filled in
      > with all information known helps to find some connections.
      > Interestingly I have found many of the originals we had saved from
      > late parent's collections of originals had names spelled wrong or
      > dropped off -- and even a couple first names totally wrong
      > none were surnames - just given or that is first names)! And in our
      > family they adhered to the rule of naming son for grandfather so
      > other generation shares the same first name for about 5
      > Sigh!
      > Bonnie
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