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290Re: Catasto Itri 1806

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  • B. J. Di Crocco
    Apr 5, 2007
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      Bouno sera! How is everyone? Jason - any news on this project - when
      do we need to send you a check - and we will need your address of
      course! I neglected to mention, I do not mind the original Italian
      also - I have been teaching myself Italian slowly (no formal classes
      near here so study on mine own) and have done extremely well
      considering! Ha! I do better reading than speaking - get embarassed
      at my mostly spanish accent!
      --- In FraDiavolo@yahoogroups.com, "JSoscia" <jsoscia3@...> wrote:
      > Ciao tutti
      > If anyone is interested in the 1806 catasto for Itri, I got someone
      > who will photocopy all the pages in the Napoli Archives for 200 to
      > 300 dollars. She doesn't do the translation, however. She is a
      > professional Italian genealogist. And, it would be cheaper than
      > 1000 euro (abt $1200) for the 1754 Itri catasto that we did.
      > Once again the catasto is basically the census for Itri in the year
      > 1806.
      > If anyone is interested in splitting the cost, let me know.
      > By the way, the previous researcher (the one who did the 1754
      > catasto) also said he might be able to do the 1806 catasto for 1000
      > euro again (with the translation of course and sent as a text
      > document). But for this one it's too expensive unless I get like a
      > bunch of people to split the cost again.
      > Jason
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