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270Catasto Itri 1806

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  • JSoscia
    Mar 7, 2007
      Ciao tutti

      If anyone is interested in the 1806 catasto for Itri, I got someone
      who will photocopy all the pages in the Napoli Archives for 200 to
      300 dollars. She doesn't do the translation, however. She is a
      professional Italian genealogist. And, it would be cheaper than the
      1000 euro (abt $1200) for the 1754 Itri catasto that we did.

      Once again the catasto is basically the census for Itri in the year

      If anyone is interested in splitting the cost, let me know.

      By the way, the previous researcher (the one who did the 1754
      catasto) also said he might be able to do the 1806 catasto for 1000
      euro again (with the translation of course and sent as a text
      document). But for this one it's too expensive unless I get like a
      bunch of people to split the cost again.

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