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201Re: [FraDiavolo] trip to Itri

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  • Linda Peloquin
    Apr 30, 2006

      Wonderful pictures!!  Thank you so much for sharing the with us.  Like others, I now want to go to Itri even more than I did before.

      The picture of San Michelarcangelo reminded me I came across a web page in my crawlings that mentioned that the Church was in need of  roof repairs or a new roof.  I can't remember where I saw this and I didn't bookmark the page but I'd like to go back to the page again.

      Has anyone else see this?    Anyone have the addy for it?

      Linda Peloquin

      stephenruggieri <stephenruggieri@...> wrote:
      Hi Everyone,

      If you haven't been yet you must go to Italy to see Itri. I was amazed
      at the hospitality of my cousins and the love they just poured onto
      me. It was like I never left.

      I have other photos of my girlfriend and I in Itri as well as Gaeta, a
      popular summer spot because of it's beautiful beaches. Check out my
      photos at the following Link.

      God Bless,

      Stephen Ruggieri


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