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173RE: [FraDiavolo] Processetti for Itri & Pastena

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  • Joseph Fidaleo
    Mar 7, 2006

      I think they should be in both places. When I went through the processetti,
      I remember seeing documents from both towns when the couple were from
      different towns. Did you tried LDS site, searching their international
      database of names? I forgot what they call it: IG something.
      Good Luck

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      >Hi Group,
      >I'm hoping someone will know the answere to my question. I have
      >marriage that occurred in S.Michelarangelo in 812 where the bride's
      >father was dead and consent was given by another male relative.
      >The bride is from Pastena but, as I noted, the marriage was in Itri.
      >Processetti for Itri are only filmed back to 1817 but for Pastena they
      >go back to 1809.
      >I know that the publication of the pending marriage would be done in
      >both towns but...and this is probably wishful dreaming on my
      >part...would a copy of the processetti also be kept in the bride's
      >home church/town or just in the church/town of marriage?
      >Thanks for the help.
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