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156Re: [FraDiavolo] Itri Baptism Records before 1800

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  • Judy Tuccinardi
    Jan 16, 2006
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      Re: [FraDiavolo] Itri Baptism Records before 1800 Hi Greg- actually we are Tuccinardi’s, not just Tucci. But my husband has said that he heard a tale from some family members that the Tuccinardi’s are a combination of Tucci’s and Nardi’s..... Haven’t gotten around to checking on that! If you take a look at my site below you can check out the Tuccinardi line. Good luck with your relatives in Itri!! Hope it works out. Judy

      On 1/16/06 12:24 PM, "gcpezza@..." <gcpezza@...> wrote:

      For all,
      I am looking into it with some relatives in Itri. Judy I noticed the name Tucci. My mother is a Tucci and I have an extensive list of Tucci's going back to 1333. Can you tell me which Tucci you or your husband is from?
      Greg Pezza
      Hope Valley, RI



      Judy Young Tuccinardi
      Genealogy website:http://www.ourfamilynearandfar.net/genealogy
      Email: judytucci@...
      England & Ireland: Nash, Wells, Williams, Leader, Hadon, Timmins, Gadsden, Sherwood, Borbridge, Brownrigg, Nickson, Brass, Hatton, Marsden.
      US: Young, Hayes, Masters, Meyer, Philipps, Cary, Buck.
      Germany: Meyer, Philipps, Weiss, Sander, Bertsch, Reiff.
      Italy: Tuccinardi, Notturno, Sileo, Corpolongo.

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