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153RE: [FraDiavolo] Itri Baptism Records before 1800

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  • Joseph Fidaleo
    Jan 16, 2006
      I wish I could help you--all of us, but my aunt in Itri is 86. She stopped
      writing to me two or three years ago and she was never a consistent writer.
      I have other relatives there but they never replied to my letters in the
      past. Do you thing Don Mancino would do it for some money ?

      take care,

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      >Hello everyone,
      >I remember looking through old baptism records in Itri when I went
      >there in 2002. Don Mario Mancini allowed me to research them and they
      >were in a building across from the church of San Michele Arcangelo.
      >But, I didn't have enough time to copy much down as I had to leave the
      >next day.
      >I was thinking that these records would be great to have for our
      >family research. I tried emailing a couple of people in Itri to
      >digitally photograph each page of the oldest book, which starts around
      >1763 and ends around 1790 give or take a few years. However, I never
      >really got anywhere with it. The book doesn't have many pages in it,
      >maybe 100 or so.
      >So, my question to the FraDiavolo group is does anyone know anyone in
      >Itri that could take digital photos of that book? Because, it would
      >allow us to go back about 40 years earlier than the LDS records.
      >Just wanted everyone to know that there is more material out there
      >regarding old Itri records for our family trees.
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