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152Re: [FraDiavolo] Itri Baptism Records before 1800

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  • Linda Peloquin
    Jan 15 7:58 AM
      Morning Jason, 

      Yucky weather, eh?  Yesterday was good though in terms of research and keeping our oil bill down.  The evening volunteer, who's name escapes me at the moment, was in and doing some paid research so anyone who was there and wanted to, got to stay til 5PM!  You undoubtedly know him.  Apparently you two share some non-Itrani ancestors.  I learned from him  that I've been mispronouncing "Civita".  No suprise there since the only Italian I learned were the words that always got me in trouble if a grown-up caught me saying them.  I wonder what other words I've been mangling?

      A while back you said you thought that my Francosc'Antonio Fornaro had a brother Cristofero.  You were right.  I was able to confirm it yesterday with the 1820 marriage of Cristofero from the film the finally came in.  The earliest Itrani marriages on it seem to be 1817.  The bulk of the film, items 1-18 are Monticello, Caserta.  Only item 19 at the very end is Itri should you go and use it.  It's an indefinite so you will find it in the drawer with the other films - 1173753.

      The earlier non-Nepoleonic marriages also gave the parents' ages.  I didn't know that.  What a pleasent suprise and useful.  I wish they had continued including that info on the later records. 

      I was able to find a de Vona brother as well as determine the probable birth years for 4 of my 3rd great-grandparents and push back a death year on another from the early marriages.  There are also a ton of death records on this film but I hadn't familiarized myself with them yet, so I'm leaving those for another day.

      How have you found the accuracy of ages to be on Italian records?   In having figured some of the 3g grandparents'  ages, there are a couple who should be children in the catasto but I,'m not finding them.  Naturally, I was looking last night after supper when I was tired and I haven't had an opportunity to download the catasto to wordpad and try the trick you passed on, so just maybe my tired, bleary eyes missed them.  From marriages I found, both Crasmantonio di Luca & Magnifica Suprano were born abt. 1749 so should be on the catasto somewhere.  If they were from another comune nearby, well then I guess I'll not know since Itri 1754 is all we have.

      Thanks for the answer on the once question.  It appears that there was no minimum tax back then as some people have no once listed. 

      I think you're right about the veneziano fornaro.  I was skimming just searching for the surnames.  I noticed that some of what appear to be surnames didn't get capatilized so I didn't worry about that initially.  Now on closer inspection, it does appear that there was only one Fornaro family in Itri 1754.

      If this post doesn't generate anything, here are some thoughts:
      I think I read, either on the menu in the caffe background or on the web site for Caffe Itri, that the owner, Greg Spremulli goes over to Itri periodically.  Anyway,  I wonder if he would have any contacts over there that he might pass on to us who would be willing to do the digital photography.   

      There's also the St. Mary's Feast Society.  I've been by there a million times but I know very little about it other than the Feast in July which creates quite a traffic snarl.  Perhaps some of their membership have contacts over in Itri.

      Well, off for the moment to educate myself about death records so that I can get into those on the film and maybe make a few more connections farther back to folks on the catasto.


      jsoscia3 <jsoscia3@...> wrote:
      Hello everyone,

      I remember looking through old baptism records in Itri when I went
      there in 2002.  Don Mario Mancini allowed me to research them and they
      were in a building across from the church of San Michele Arcangelo. 
      But, I didn't have enough time to copy much down as I had to leave the
      next day.

      I was thinking that these records would be great to have for our
      family research.  I tried emailing a couple of people in Itri to
      digitally photograph each page of the oldest book, which starts around
      1763 and ends around 1790 give or take a few years.  However, I never
      really got anywhere with it.  The book doesn't have many pages in it,
      maybe 100 or so.

      So, my question to the FraDiavolo group is does anyone know anyone in
      Itri that could take digital photos of that book?  Because, it would
      allow us to go back about 40 years earlier than the LDS records.

      Just wanted everyone to know that there is more material out there
      regarding old Itri records for our family trees.



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