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146Re: [FraDiavolo] Re: San Giovanni in Fiore

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  • gcpezza@aol.com
    Dec 5, 2005
      Hi Rebecca,

      Through all my research I still have not found any connection of Fra Diavolo
      to the BelCastros. He was only in Calabria briefly and during his campaign.

      To change the subject I have some interesting news. My Grandmother on my
      mother's side was a Branca originally from Lappano but grew up in San Giovanni in
      Fiore. My mother remembers growing up before the war and spending summers in
      San Giovanni in Fiore. And the family they spent it with were the BelCastros.
      If fact my mother and father honeymooned in San Giovanni in Fiore and stay at a
      Belcastro home. She is trying to put the names together. Since she was really
      small then she does not remember much. What she remembers in tons of boy
      Belcastros and very few if any girl Belcastros. Her brothers always had plenty of
      friends when they were summering. My mother and her sister mainly played with
      each other. Another name that is predominant is Scarpelli in San Giovanni.

      In reading my Great Great Grandfathers diary, which is difficult because of
      the Calbrian dialect he refers a lot to Nicastros. My mother was a Tucci whose
      father was from Marzi near Cosenza. He married Magarita Branca from San

      I have many pictures from the 30's and 40's from San Giovanni. My mother
      points out that this one is a Belcastro and that one is a Belcastro but cannot
      remember names. I am working on this end to connect the dots. Can you shed any
      light on the subject?

      Thanks Gregory Pezza (Tucci, Ciccone, Branca, Mustacchio, DelBove, Barberio,

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