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104Exciting opportunity for ITRI research

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  • jsoscia3
    Jul 11 9:22 PM
      Dear fellow FraDiavolo members,

      I hired a professional genealogist to research the Itri Census of
      1754 for our ancestors' town of Itri. This census is called the
      Catasto Onciario. I'm very excited.

      He is going to type out for me from the Latin records the names of
      every family living in Itri in the year 1754, along with ages and
      occupations of every family member. I have agreed to send him 1000
      Euro (about $1200) for his services.

      My goal is to split this cost with at least 9 other people. With
      nine people contributing, I would be able to send everyone their own
      copy for only $120 each. This cost is much less than what the
      Archives in Naples charges for photocopies of every page.
      Obviously, the cost will drop even more with more people.

      To put it all in perspective, thousands of letters are written every
      year to the archives in Naples (where the records are kept) by
      people requesting this genealogical information. From what I have
      heard it may take months or years to get a response after sending
      multiple letters. By doing it this way, he has started the research
      already (today) and it will be done by the end of the month. A
      neatly typed, clear list of every family in Itri in 1754 could be in
      everyone's hands this summer!

      The catasto is an invaluable resource for our research. It would
      allow us to discover our earliest known Itrani ancestors. I have
      been to both the Itri town hall and searched through the parish
      records of Itri. None of that information goes as far back as
      1754. Sadly,most of the old church records were destroyed by
      bombing in World War II.

      If anyone is serious enough about discovering their Itri family
      roots and would like a copy of the 1754 Catasto Onciario of Itri,
      please send me an email. I'm sure this rich archive of information
      would provide us with a wealth of new discoveries for our family
      trees. I'll keep everyone posted. Remember, the more people we
      get, the lower the cost!

      Tanti Saluti a Tutti!!

      Jason Soscia
      Cranston, RI, USA
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