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Fwd: [SCA-Tree-Girt-Sea] Crown Tournament Notes

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      Subject: [SCA-Tree-Girt-Sea] Crown Tournament Notes

      Congratulations to the new heirs to the Throne of the Midrealm.  Captain Arch Teryx, fighting for the honor of Lady Runa Kirri, was victorious over Duke Stephen Beckenham.  Prince Arch is an unbelted fighter.  Both Prince Arch and Duke Stephen hail from the host barony Sternfeld.
      In other news, congratulations to Mistress Caroline de Mercier, Baroness of Shattered Crystal for her induction into the Order of the Evergreen.   Other good gentles were recognized and awarded by Their Royal Majesties, though I personally do not know of others who may be midlanders that I'm not remembering, and so I apologize if I have forgotten anyone. 
      Feast was delicious and generous.  Entertainment was capable, varied and quite enjoyable as well.  Feast was topped off with a sweets table with late period illusion foods and marzipan creations.  Their Royal Majesties have seen fit to elevate the Head Kitchener, THL Wulfwen atte Belle, to the the Order of the Laurel. 
      The craftspersons faire was excellent, if you missed it, please go the next time you get such a chance.
      Overall, it was a great event with a lot of pageantry, comraderie and fun. 
      I was so excited to see so many people from the Midlands at Crown, and wish I could have spoken with each of you.  There were also some nice folks I had not previously met from St. Carol on the Moor and Illiton.  It was fabulous to meet them.
      Great Job Midlands Crown fighters, including Master Einar, Sir Guerric, Master Christian, Sir Killian, Sayidd Sabah, Baron Robert, and Sargeant Savaric, in presenting yourselves so honorably. 
      Thank you all who fought for the Crown.  Thank you all who attended.
      --Caitriona, Midlands Seneschal

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