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  • Robert Orr
    Nov 22, 2000
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      Since I only got 2 comments back, and both were positive, I've set up the
      mailing list for us on eGroups. I thought it might make communicating
      between all of us a bit easier. As you can see from the message header,
      the name of the list is NewFourthWard@egroups.com (caps aren't needed, but
      I write it that way 'cause it looks better :-). If you send a message to
      that address, it'll be distributed to everybody on the list. The only
      down side is that you can't see who is on the list from the message header
      like you could before. But you _can_ see who is on the list if you go to
      the group home page at


      and click on Members. I simply added all the addresses Cedric was sending
      his messages to. (If you haven't signed in at egroups before, you'll have
      to do that first. Since the list is private, you have to sign in to see
      the group home page.)

      Another thing I've done is create a database with all our real addresses,
      e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc. Again, I just grabbed the info from
      Cedric's messages. To have a look, click on Database off the group home
      page, then click on Complete Phonebook. If I've gotten any of the info
      wrong, I should have it set up so that you can edit your info.

      Let me know if you have any problems with the list or accessing the group
      home page.

      (570 Blvd. Pl., #3)
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