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SARA Field Day 2011 update

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  • Randal - N4AC
    More details: Location: Fowler Park, Pavilions F3 and F4. These pavilions are located at the entrance of the park, just beyond Fire Station #2. GREAT
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      SARA Field Day 2011 update More details:

      Fowler Park, Pavilions F3 and F4.  These pavilions are located at the entrance of the park, just beyond Fire Station #2.  GREAT location, BTW.  As mentioned in an earlier email, we were able to obtain special permission to use the park overnight.  This has never been granted to a group at a park that does not have camp sites.  We even made the front page of the paper because of this!  We have the full support of the Forsyth County Parks & Recreation board of directors and also the parks director.  They have been very nice to us.

      Adjacent to “our” pavilions are restrooms, walking trail, and a big playground for kids.  Plenty of parking, too.

      The road leading to the park is at the intersection of Hwy 9 and Castleberry Road.  There is a traffic light there and you’ll see the Fowler Park sign at the intersection.

      If you’ve never been to Fowler Park, please check it out before Field Day — you’ll be impressed.  It’s Forsyth County’s newest park and it’s big — 85 developed acres — and includes several ball fields, multi-purpose fields, tennis courts, skate park, and more.  And it had direct access to the Greenway.

      Park info here:

      At the bottom of that page is a link to a PDF map of the park.

      Food (the most important topic):
      Vince W4VRP and Bill KG4AOX will be taking care of those arrangements.  And, like last year, Lenny’s will be providing trays of sandwiches for lunch on Saturday (around 1PM).  Be sure to thank the staff at Lenny’s for their support of our club and activities.

      Looks like we’ll be running 4 stations, plus the satellite station.  Two stations dedicated to CW and the other two to phone.  Also, I think we may be short on CW ops, so if you know of any that would like to help us out, please invite them.  They will have PLENTY of time to operate.

      We have permission to hang wire antennas from the trees and to park our antenna/tower trailers on the grass.

      Each pavilion has lights and electrical outlet and we have access to the breakers.

      The restrooms will not be locked and the lights are on a motion detector switch, so we won’t have to worry about not having appropriate “accommodations.”

      They will turn the sprinkler system OFF for us!  :-)

      I’ll have more details as they unfold.

      If you would like to help out with our Field Day activities, please respond and we’ll put you to work!

      Looking forward to a very successful Field Day 2011.

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