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Green Professionals Conference on 1/26, get your discounted registration now

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  • phkelsven
    The Green Professionals Conference is right around the corner on January 26th at Doubltree LLoyd Center in Portland! The Conference is offering a discounted
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      The Green Professionals Conference is right around the corner on January 26th at Doubltree LLoyd Center in Portland!  The Conference is offering a discounted registration to people in the FOE network, $100 instead of $195.  Enter the code "FOEmember" to get discount.  The Green Professionals Conference not only offers networking opportunities to job seekers and firms that are hiring, but also offers valuable break out sessions for people already in the industry.  The keynote speaker is Jon Wellinghoff, Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.   The agenda is located here

      For more information and to register go to http://green-professional.com/


      The Green Professionals Conference provides job-seekers, Green Professionals and industry experts with vital networking, educational resources and employment opportunities.  By uniting individuals and organizations with a common vision, this event cultivates a community dedicated to a more sustainable world.


      The purpose of the Green Professionals Conference is to bring together people and organizations that are committed to an economically and environmentally sustainable future.  This event seeks to drive innovation and progress by providing talented individuals with the knowledge and networking they need to succeed within the industry.

      Recruiting qualified candidates is critical to the success of the green business community.  The Green Professionals Conference introduces job-seekers and students to the fundamentals of sustainability and energy efficiency while providing them access to companies with immediate jobs to fill.  In turn, companies will be able to position themselves firmly within the sustainability industry, increase their visibility and reach out to talented applicants.

      The Green Professionals Conference goes beyond outreach and networking by creating a forum for companies and educational organizations to connect with the next generation of Green Professionals.  Together, conference attendees will transform the environment and the economy with jobs that make a difference.

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