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Summary of 3-12-07 Meeting

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  • Kevin Whilden
    Follow Up From Future of Efficiency meeting Thank you coming to the Future of Efficiency planning meeting last Monday, and making it such a high energy event.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 14, 2007
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      Follow Up From Future of Efficiency meeting

      Thank you coming to the Future of Efficiency planning meeting last
      Monday, and making it such a high energy event. I'm even more excited
      about the future possibilities of this group.

      Quick summary of Monday's meeting:
      - 23 people from 13 organizations attended

      - There is significant interest in the idea of Future of Efficiency,
      with people in attendance apparently willing to commit some of their
      time to making this project a success.

      - Next step is to elect a Steering Group, which will be 4-6
      individuals that want to take ownership of the visioning and
      development of the Future of Efficiency. The Steering Group will
      develop the mission and priorities for research and discussion.

      - Also, need volunteers for the following three groups:
      - Research Group: will design research plan for Home Energy Monitors,
      applying the usual rigor of project design and evaluation
      - Meetings Group: will conduct design and planning of subsequent
      public meetings, including speaker invites
      - Communications Group: will be responsible for facilitating both
      internal and external communications about the Future of Efficiency.
      This includes website/blog design

      - If you haven't signed up for a group but would like to be involved,
      please email Kendall Youngblood (kendall.youngblood@...)

      - The Future of Efficiency needs a Mission Statement! At the meeting,
      we agreed that people would send in a few bullets on the potential
      mission. See below for more details.

      The Yahoo Group:
      Communications for now will be on a Yahoo Group. This will facilitate
      maximum flexibility in email communications, as well as provide a
      place where anyone can read the messages online without joining the group.
      - To sign up for the Yahoo Group:
      - Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FoEF-Portland/
      - Click the "Join This Group" big shiny blue button
      - Login to your Yahoo account. If you don't have one, then you'll have
      to take a few minutes and create one. It's worth itÂ… just make sure
      you don't accidently check one of the "send me spam" buttons.
      - You can set your preferences to either receive individual emails, or
      a daily digest of all posts.
      - Please sign up for the yahoo group! In the future, we might have a
      much better way for online communication and collaboration, but for
      now this is good and free.
      - If anyone needs any help with setting up your membership or setting
      your preferences, please don't hesitate to contact me (503-381-6729).

      The Mission Statement:
      Please send some bullets for what you think the could be potential
      "missions" for the Future of Efficiency.

      Some Mission Statement examples:
      - Internal Communication: faciliate networking between the energy
      efficiency and renewable energy organizations in Portland
      - External Communication: disseminate the positive economic, social,
      and environmental benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy
      - Climate Change: explore relationship between energy efficiency and
      renewable energy as solutions to climate change
      - Future of Efficiency: explore how energy efficiency and renewable
      energy can become more pervasive throughout our society.

      Please, post your mission ideas, replies, comments, questions, etc..
      to the yahoo group discussion website.

      Thank you,
      Kevin Whilden
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