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576Job Opening - Asset Management Analysts

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  • tylermonzie
    Nov 8, 2011

      Aerotek Energy Services is looking for Asset Management Business Analysts.


      Position Overview:


      This position is located in the Transmission Asset Management program within the Transmission Planning and Asset Management (TP) group. The candidate shall provide analytical, modeling, and process management expertise in developing the Transmission's asset management program.  


      Position Responsibilities include but not limited to:

      ·         Developing influence diagrams or other conceptual models to define relationships and structure analyses and modeling

      ·         Performing parametric and other economic/financial modeling to determine the value of alternative strategies

      ·         Conducting fact-finding and research on historical trends, leading practices, the evolving regulatory environment, and other strategy drivers

      ·         Collecting, organizing, and validating data and modeling results

      ·         Interpreting modeling results and proposing alternative courses of action

      ·         Preparing and presenting materials on findings 

      ·         Supporting the change management/communication plan for Transmission Asset Management

      ·         Supporting the analysis and development of asset management procedures, processes and policies.


      Position Requirements:

      Quantitative analysis skills

      This position requires strong quantitative analysis skills and knowledge of economic/financial analysis principles, concepts, and techniques.  The incumbent will be called upon to quantify and evaluate the impact of investment proposals and issues.  Will be asked to quantify the costs and benefits of an investment strategy for upgrading, replacing and maintaining a class of equipment.


      Modeling and analysis will entail:

      ·         Developing key analytical assumptions

      ·         Collecting and validating data and information

      ·         Developing analytical tools, techniques, and models

      ·         Performing analyses to identify major drivers and quantify costs, benefits and uncertainties

      ·         Preparing findings and validating results

      ·         Presenting the findings

      ·         Coaching others on analytical methods and techniques


      Qualitative analysis skills

      This position will evaluate complex, novel policy and technical issues to determine implications for the agency's internal operations and the agency's stakeholders.   This work will help develop cost and performance targets, design Transmission processes and prepare guidance and strategies for managing assets.  This work will entail investigating and defining issues; identifying major economic, financial, and organization drivers and risks; developing and evaluating alternative courses of action; and preparing and presenting findings and recommendations.


      ·         Proficiency in developing and validating Excel spreadsheets and models for complex issues is essential

      ·         5+ years demonstrated analyst experience

      ·         Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Business Management or related discipline required

      ·         Proficient in use of Microsoft Office Suite software, including: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and MS Visio (including MS Office 2010)

      ·         Additional duties as may be assigned


      Additional Skills Desired:

      ·         Skills in presenting complex problems, issues and concepts in a clear and understandable manner to a variety of audiences

      ·         Skills in preparing documentation and work papers that are auditable.

      ·         Skills in implementing change management and communication plans

      ·         Skills in developing presentation materials


      Qualified Candidates contact:

      Tyler Monzie
      Technical Recruiter | Aerotek, Inc.
      503-403-1918  | tmonzie@...
      Find me on LinkedIn