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The awakening of the public and the coming overthrow of evil

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  • Ronald Eheman
    The awakening of the public and the coming overthrow of evil Many people recognize what s really happening in the world of health and medicine today:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2006
      The awakening of the public and the coming overthrow of evil

      Many people recognize what's really happening in the world of health
      and medicine today: Increasing disease, unabated disease mongering,
      corporate exploitation of the people, environmental destruction, a
      decline in honest health journalism, skyrocketing health care costs,
      tens of millions of uninsured people and continued assaults on
      health freedom by the FDA and conventional medicine. These are just
      a few of the many challenges that concern the lucid, thinking people
      who now populate Internet blogs, chat rooms and websites.
      But along with these shared concerns, there is also emerging a
      consensus that our shared future does not have to follow the pattern
      of our recent past. Together, we can create positive change, and it
      all starts from the day-to-day grind of observing what's happening
      in the world, applying some critical thinking, and sharing our
      thoughts, ideas, concerns and solutions with others.

      Each day that I have an opportunity to engage in this work, I feel
      deeply honored. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to humbly
      serve in this important role of taking part in a global paradigm
      shift that may yet allow us to find true freedom, health and
      prosperity. I also invite you to join this effort in any way that
      you are able: To become a blogger, a writer or a video commentator
      so that your voice may be heard and your ideas may encourage others
      to find their own voice.

      Some people say we are trapped under a system of near-total control.
      But there are no prisons other than the ones we have agreed to
      impose upon ourselves and each other. All that is required for truly
      radical reform in health, politics or any area is the spread of a
      single, powerful idea that dismantles old limiting beliefs and
      unleashes new possibilities, new ways of thinking, and new solutions
      to our most pressing challenges.

      We all depend on each other
      In times of great change, community is more important than ever. We
      must form alliances and organize ourselves to speak with a single,
      powerful voice. For my part, I'm forming important alliances with
      other positive influencers and leaders in complementary fields like
      environmental protection, sustainable farming, animal welfare, self
      improvement and renewable energy. Together, we can help bring
      genuine solutions to the forefront and challenge the outmoded
      thinking of the current global power brokers, replacing it with
      community-minded, holistic solutions that recognize the
      interdependency of all living beings and systems on this planet.

      All this isn't new-age hippie talk (not that there's anything wrong
      with that!), it's just blatant reality: We all depend on nature --
      the soils, waterways, air, oceans, animals and microorganisms. We
      all depend on each other. And we cannot create a world of genuine
      abundance by fighting wars over natural resources, poisoning our
      children with psychotropic drugs, injecting toxic chemicals into the
      food supply, dripping fluoride into public waters, injecting babies
      with mercury-laced vaccines and drugging our population with harmful
      medications all while calling it "economic growth" because money
      happened to change hands.
      There is no abundance to be found in selling each other increasingly
      expensive toxic chemicals to treat the degenerative diseases we have
      caused ourselves through the proliferation of similar toxic
      chemicals in the first place. We are fooling ourselves if we believe
      we can retire rich by investing in pharmaceutical company stocks,
      pushing fictitious diseases, enforcing a monopoly drug market
      and "treating" each other until we're all rich and dead. There is no
      true wealth without health, and there is no health without
      prevention -- a concept that remains utterly absent from the
      philosophy of modern medicine today, including virtually all the non-
      profit cancer groups and disease organizations.

      Live together or die together
      We must find a better way to live together, or we will die together.
      And it doesn't matter whether you're a Republican, a Democrat, a
      Green Party advocate or a Libertarian. A toxic planet destroys us
      all just the same. Until we remove the toxic load from our foods,
      drugs, household cleaners, medications, cosmetics, personal care
      products and work environments, we will continue to die from
      preventable diseases and give birth to mutant babies who may never
      have the opportunity to experiencing a life free of disease.
      Pharmaceuticals will never, ever save us. No matter how many
      billions of dollars are poured into cancer research, there will
      never emerge a genuine solution unless we stop giving ourselves
      cancer in the first place. Cancer is caused by too many synthetic
      chemicals, yet the drug companies promise to treat it or cure it by
      developing even more synthetic chemicals. The intellectual ignorance
      found in this stubborn, outmoded approach is simply astonishing.
      Related book:
      The Real Safety Guide to Disease Prevention
      More than 80% of all chronic disease is preventable, but only if you
      know how. Learn the proven, yet simple prevention strategies for
      cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression, Alzheimer's and many
      other degenerative health conditions.
      As Albert Einstein famously said, "We cannot solve our problems
      with the same thinking we used when we created them."

      A time for real change is approaching
      There is hope, however, to be found in a new mode of thinking that's
      now beginning to take shape across the "awakened" members of the
      Internet community. It's a recognition that exciting changes are now
      possible, and that the forces of evil that have been acting upon us
      for so long -- destroying our health, our environment and our
      freedom -- are poised to be overthrown.
      We are all living it what may soon be viewed as a time of the most
      significant and rapid changes in recent human history. They will not
      be without difficulty, however, so be prepared for changes that may
      far exceed what you, or your parents, or even your grandparents ever

      Most importantly, stay engaged in the conversation. Stay informed.
      Independent news websites and blogs are now the only remaining
      sources of accurate information about what's really happening today.
      There are far too many to name, but I've listed a short selection of
      my favorites in the right column at www.NewsTarget.com

      Be active in what's happening. Teach yourself to stay alert and be a
      critical thinker. Question what you are told, especially by those in
      positions of authority or apparent power. The bigger the
      organization from which any message emerges, the more likely it is
      to be corrupted by an ulterior motive (profit, public complacency,
      etc.) Trust the smaller, independent organizations like PR Watch,
      Commercial Alert, the Organic Consumers Association, the Government
      Accountability Project and others.

      What you do is your own business, but if you want to be engaged in
      real solutions, turn off your television. Disconnect from cable and
      reconnect to books and informative Internet sites. Buy organic
      produce and avoid processed foods. Stop spending money on products
      made by unethical corporations. (Vote with your dollars.) Demand
      accountability from your elected officials and representatives
      (including Judges). Learn how to grow your own food, even if just a
      little. Get out of the city from time to time and reconnect with
      nature on a regular basis. Supplement with nutrients that enhance
      mental acuity, intelligence and presence of mind (I highly recommend
      supplements from the Life Extension Foundation at www.LEF.org).
      Practice a little yoga, Tai-Chi or Pilates. Train your body and your
      mind to be healthy and alert.

      These are the things that make you a participant in life, rather
      than a spectator. These are a few of the things that ultimately help
      set you free. Stay alert, because you won't want to miss what's

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