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  • u. kugelmann
    Hi Folks ;))) ... Think I ve read it too ... and if we both think of the same book, Sherry s right ... ... My biggest Problem with Eddings: good Characters ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 5, 2000
      Hi Folks ;)))
      > Andrea Chavez <achavez47@y...> wrote:
      > > Or Thief's Gamble by Juliet McKenna
      > I read that a few months ago- not bad but not really memorable either.
      Think I've read it too ... and if we both think of the same book, Sherry's
      right ...
      > >Tim wrote:
      > >Try David Eddings series - The Belgariad and The Mallorean. Pay
      > >close attention to Silf and Velvet.
      > I was never able to get into Eddings and I don't know why! Most
      > likely I'll read it anyway.
      My biggest Problem with Eddings: good Characters ... but ... the plot is
      soooo predictable ....
      > > Marion wrote:
      > > > How about Death of the Necromancer, or City of
      > > > Bones, both by Martha
      > > > Wells?
      > I haven't seen these! Thanks for all the suggestions.
      Me, too ... thanx too
      > > Andrea -- thinking about what garb she could wear at a
      > > con as a Nightrunner character -- the Wizards have the
      > > best clothes.
      > This should be pretty easy. Male ren garb would work. Tight fitting
      > leggings, a tunic, a belt with a couple pouches, boots and a nice big
      > cloak all in dark colors. Of course you are trying to look like you
      > are on the prowl- of course a real theif would try to look as common
      > and as unnoteworthy as possible.
      Good point! As thief, try drab brown instead of the giveaway black ...
      little bit stained, some straw in your hair, skip the cloak in favor of a
      without cloak ... ready is the "stableboy-cover" ...
      Tati wrote:
      > I hate this, I just found out that two authors I really like are coming
      > with
      > new books. So what is my beef? Well both books were reviewed and when
      > I
      > clicked on the pictures of the book covers I found that they were ARCH's
      > or
      > Advanced Reader copies. Feh! I want advanced reader copies! I hate
      > waiting
      > for books! And as you all know I am pouting.
      Which two books??? Wanna pout, too! ;)))
      *Comforting Hug*

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