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Re: Roleplay?

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  • Shinto Assassino /Sall Kara
    I ve been quiet for a long, time, and I haven t been able to catch up with most of the e-mails until lately, but the mention of roleplaying did catch my
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29, 2000
      I've been quiet for a long, time, and I haven't been able to catch up with
      most of the e-mails until lately, but the mention of roleplaying did catch
      my attention. Do you roleplay this on the net? And where? I am a roleplayer
      myself and I would like to observe your style of roleplaying if it is on the

      Sall Moraco

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      Subject: [Flewelling] Skalan History
      Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 16:58:27 +0100 (MET)

      From: uschi-kugelmann@...

      Hi everybody!

      Also I'm not totally new to this list, until now I had to few time to
      contribute ...
      Sorry, I should introduce myself: My name is Ursula Kugelmann (Uschi for
      friends), I'm currently in my 7th Semester of Sociology at the University of
      Munich, Germany. I've read and reread all 3 Sequels of Nightrunners several
      times, and the world delighted me so much, so I'm currently starting a
      roleplaying-campaign in this world (beside reading and studying, I'm an avid
      roleplayeress, too!).
      So goes my question(s) to our beloved authoress:
      As you mentioned in your Interview published on web, you have a
      "Cooking-book" for the world, where you note down all the facts ...
      so could you give me the ruling-periods for the skalan queens? Some facts
      I could deduct from the novels (especially from Klia's Introduction to the
      Khirnari of Gedre(Book3), Idrilains II. discussion with Nysander about the
      Lerans (Book1), Nysanders age given with 289 Years (Book1) and Seregils
      with the astrologer about Rendel's Spear (Book2)), but the other historical
      Cookies in the novel remained a bit clouded for missing a year-reference ...
      For presenting my players a consistent historical timeline, it would be
      helpful to have something in hand ... so, could you help me (as THE

      Thank you very much

      Valeron Ishtar

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