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  • Rhiminee Cat
    ... Greetings, one and all! I m a wide-eyed newbie bumpkin! ;) Feel free to show me the wonders of this amazing list! Please don t be mislead by my name -
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      ::sweeps skirts to the side, lifting the hem slightly, executing a deep curtsy to the proper degree of respect as appropriate::

      Greetings, one and all! I'm a wide-eyed newbie bumpkin! ;) Feel free to show me the wonders of this amazing list! Please don't be mislead by my name - I'm female, actually, but I created my email address on one of my whims. Rh�minee Cat just has that ring to it. I go by Mierin - some of you other fantasy-aholics may recognize the name from a certain series.

      I regret to admit (::eyes cast down self-consciously::) that I'm in the middle of Stalking Darkness. Please refrain from throwing rotten tomatoes at me and shouting that I shouldn't be here if I haven't finished the series. I just have a teeny tiny little request that shouldn't even be allowed to be issued from my inexperienced mouth! Warn me of spoilers from Traitor's Moon! Please! I beg you all upon my unworthy knees! ::casts herself weeping onto the ground::

      Um ... okay, what else can I say about myself? I love Seregil and I love Mardus, which is pretty self-explanatory. I'm also fond of Varg�l Ashnazai, but then, I've been called psycho. I'm a voracious fantasy reader. Besides being a loyal reader of Nightrunner, I'm also a fan of the Belgariad/Mallorean (my first fantasy saga, all the way back in grade 5), the Wheel of Time, the Lord of the Rings (can't wait for the movie), the Fionavar Tapestry, the Sundered (a hardly known quartet, but I love it all the same), and some more. I've tried Sword of Truth, but it really isn't my style. I'm the process of starting Dragonlance, and Raistlin is looking yummy! ^_^ ::sigh::

      I think I've rambled enough. So, ::sweeps another curtsy:: spam me with your warm welcomes and recommendations for a good psychiatrist (hopefully less of the latter) and may Illior (or whoever of the Four, fill in the blank then) watch over you!

      Luck in the shadows,

      p.s. Sall/Shinto/whatever name you go by here, where are you?

      "No one is responsible for me except *me*."
      ~Seregil � Korit Solun Meringil B�kthersa
      in Lynn Flewelling's Luck in the Shadows

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