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RE: [Flewelling] Bad, Amazon. Very Bad...

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  • Wolf SilverOak
    Apparently it s been happening since February- http://craigspoplife.blogspot.com/2009/04/is-amazon-homophobic.html No one really noticed until today. -Wolf
    Message 1 of 34 , Apr 12, 2009
      Apparently it's been happening since February-

      No one really noticed until today.


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      Subject: Re: [Flewelling] Bad, Amazon. Very Bad...

      If amazon is doing this, they'll be losing a lot of customers... and
      probably bad comments if it's spreading fast from making this offense ....
      That really is pathetic.


      From: Wolf SilverOak <wolfsilveroak@ <mailto:wolfsilveroak%40cox.net>
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      Subject: RE: [Flewelling] Bad, Amazon. Very Bad...

      LA Times has picked it up-

      http://latimesblogs .latimes. com/jacketcopy/

      It has made it to mainstream, some, and has been all over Twitter.

      Smart Bitches has blogged about it, Dear Author has, Jezebel has.

      Yeah. It's spreading like wildfire.


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      Subject: Re: [Flewelling] Bad, Amazon. Very Bad...

      I just checked Lynn's books, they still have their sales rankings in the
      Product Details, as well as a few others I've checked. But the sheer fact
      that best sellers like E. Lynn Harris have even had their ranks removed or
      titles like Brokeback Mountain and Tipping the Velvet.... It shocks and
      appalls me.

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      From: hametsunosaturn <hametsunosaturn@ <mailto:hametsunosa turn%40yahoo.
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      Sent: Sunday, April 12, 2009 7:42:17 PM
      Subject: [Flewelling] Bad, Amazon. Very Bad...

      I just thought this might pertain to the forum... because it has a lot to do
      with gay and lesbian novelists (or novelists who write about gays and

      I'm copying the following from a post that was made on the Something Awful
      forums (and while I know they're a little crazy over there, it is legit).
      I'm pretty much irate right now, but I'd like to spread the news as best I

      User <b>Earwicker< /b> posted:
      <i>According to several authors' sites and various blogs, Amazon has opted
      to remove anything they deem to be "erotic" fiction (and apparently some
      non-fiction as well) from their listed sales rankings. On top of the fact
      that they are apparently ashamed to admit that they sell erotic fiction,
      pretty much anything involving gay or lesbian characters is considered
      "erotic" whether it is overtly sexual or not, and thus removed from their
      sales rankings.

      To start with <a href="http://community. livejournal. com/meta_
      writer/11992. html">this is a list</a> of the titles who's rankings were
      removed yesterday.

      It looks like Amazon decided that even something like a college guide for
      LGBT students was "explicit" or "adult" material.

      Meanwhile <a href="http://www.amazon. com/Playboy- Complete- Centerfolds-
      Chronicle- Books/dp/ 0811860914"> this collection of playboy centerfolds<
      still has its sales ranking listed.

      This happened yesterday and its just now being noticed largely by the
      affected authors themselves - looks like it hasn't really made it into the
      mainstream media yet, though I certainly hope it does. Until them here are a
      few blog articles about it:

      http://queersunited .blogspot. com/
      http://markprobst. livejournal. com/15293. html
      http://www.naughty- and-spice. com/20... book-and- yours/
      http://tectonic- uplift.com/ deepthiw. ..s-and-lesbians /

      I guess Amazon is trying to pass this off as hiding material that "may be
      offensive" to their purchases but considering the fact that anything
      gay-related is removed from the rankings regardless of whether or not its
      actually "explicit" - while more hetero-oriented material is apparently ok
      even if it is more explicit, it seems more like there's a homophobic agenda
      at work in how they are doing this.</i>

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    • lynn.flewelling
      Thanks! Please send me a jpeg at lbflewelling@roadrunner.com
      Message 34 of 34 , Apr 17, 2009
        Thanks! Please send me a jpeg at lbflewelling@...

        --- In Flewelling@yahoogroups.com, Shiva <Shiva.Moon@...> wrote:
        > Please do, I'd feel honored! ^_^
        > lynn.flewelling schrieb:
        > > Another beautiful art piece! May I have this one for the gallery, as well?
        > >
        > >
        > > --- In Flewelling@yahoogroups.com, Michelle <hametsunosaturn@> wrote:
        > >
        > >> I hunted the site for Shiva's fan art and I think I found it!
        > >>
        > >> The Sebrahn: http://animexx.onlinewelten.com/fanarts/output/?fa=1491024&sort=zeichner&ordner=-1
        > >> Or TinyURL: http://tinyurl.com/dzwm3t
        > >>
        > >> Unfortunately, in my hunt... I couldn't find the Ariani picture. :( Sebrahn looks great, though! Good work, Shiva!
        > >>
        > >>
        > >>
        > >>
        > >> ________________________________
        > >> From: lynn.flewelling <lbflewelling2@>
        > >> To: Flewelling@yahoogroups.com
        > >> Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2009 10:01:07 AM
        > >> Subject: [Flewelling] Re: My Flewelling artwork
        > >>
        > >>
        > >>
        > >>
        > >>
        > >> The link doesn't work for me. External links are a problem lately.
        > >>
        > >> --- In Flewelling@yahoogro ups.com, Shiva <Shiva.Moon@ ...> wrote:
        > >>
        > >>> Hello, everyone!
        > >>>
        > >>> Today, I'm also humbly submitting some Flewelling-Artwork and I guess,
        > >>> there is more to come, escepcially for the Tami'r Triad, which I am
        > >>> currently rereading.
        > >>> If you wish, I could also upload it to the group, but I made the
        > >>> experience, that the links don't tend to work, so I'm posting external
        > >>> links and hope, it'll be ok. ^_^
        > >>>
        > >>> In Germany, there's a trend going on in painting and drawing in trading
        > >>> card size for - well, trading the artworks. So these little pics are
        > >>> sized 6,4 x 8,9 cm. ( 2,5 x 3,5 inches) Anyone wants to trade? XD
        > >>>
        > >>> http://datamexx. onlinewelten. com/himitsu/ d232934dc0de0b0c 965e184779cbe338 /49e701e7/ fanarts/83/ 683/1491024. jpeg
        > >>> This should be Sebrahn, while singing his crystal note. The tears and
        > >>> part of his hair are done with a flourescent silvery pen. Shimmering
        > >>> nicely in original, but dark grey in the scan. Too bad.
        > >>>
        > >>> http://datamexx. onlinewelten. com/himitsu/ 6329dd3b741664b3 b34370d627d256c1 /49e703c1/ fanarts/83/ 683/1497580. jpeg
        > >>> And this is Ariani with her ugly puppet. It looks kinda cute, though.
        > >>> *sigh* Her arm looks weird. I plastered some glitter and pearls on it.
        > >>> This also does not come out well in the scan.
        > >>> Did Ariani have curls? I don't remember anymore, but I always imagined
        > >>> her with curls. ^^;;
        > >>>
        > >>> Greetings
        > >>> Sabine
        > >>>
        > >>>
        > >>
        > >>
        > >>
        > >>
        > >>
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