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  • wendy_moondancer2002
    Epp! Yeah! Now I so can t wait to get it. *Dances* Bring it out soon okay? *Hugs you happily* And I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. ^^ *Has to reply via
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      Epp! Yeah! Now I so can't wait to get it. *Dances* Bring it out soon
      okay? *Hugs you happily* And I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. ^^
      *Has to reply via group itself for some odd reason. ~Pokes Yahoo
      groups to try and get it working properly.~ *

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      > I'm going to be insanely busy between now and January, so I thought
      I better send your
      > present early. Everybody comfy? Here goes.
      > From Untitled Nightrunner book 4, work in progress. Copyright Lynn
      Flewelling 2006. Do
      > not reproduce or distribute.
      > Scene: at Wheel Street, several months after their return to Rhiminee.
      > "I can't believe no one wrote to us!" Alec grumbled as they readied
      for bed.
      > "So you were paying attention. But who says they didn't?" Seregil
      countered as he sat
      > naked on the bed, combing the day's snarls from his hair.
      > Alec pulled off his shirt and tossed it onto the clothes chest. "You
      think someone has been
      > stealing letters from us?"
      > "More likely intercepting them from Klia and Thero."
      > "But Beka's got through."
      > "To her parents, outside Rhiminee. Not to us."
      > Alec shucked off his breeches and flopped down beside him. "So what
      does it mean? I
      > thought Phoria had forgotten all about us."
      > "You think Phoria fears her sister's favor with the people that
      much? It's not like we're any
      > threat to her."
      > "We're friends of Klia, and helped her succeed in Aurenen, when
      Phoria was against it. I
      > imagine it has more to do with Klia than us, though."
      > "Does Phoria really hate her? Why, for hell's sake? She's always
      been loyal to the throne,
      > and one of the best commanders!"
      > "Phoria's a childless queen, Alec, and she's not young. There's
      nothing to secure her
      > throne but her will. Klia could make a claim for it, as Idrilain's
      daughter, even if she is the
      > youngest. Hers would be a strong claim in some minds as young
      Elani's, and she's very
      > popular with the people. Why do you think Phoria's kept her down
      south in Aurenen since
      > their mother's death?"
      > "Klia wouldn't do anything like that!"
      > Seregil shrugged and shook his hair back. "I'm inclined to agree,
      but power does strange
      > things to people. And Phoria's never been one to think the best of
      others, especially those
      > she sees as a threat. It's probably a good trait in a general, but
      not so good between
      > sisters. The nobility are different, Alec. Don't ever forget that."
      > Alec raised an eyebrow at him and grinned. "You're nobility. Queen's
      > "Very, very distant, and only in the minds of Skalans. Anyway, it
      comes down to heirs in
      > the end, and Phoria means to control that, and keep it to her
      father's line, apparently."
      > "Makes them sound like horse breeders," Alec snorted. Climbing under
      the covers, he
      > pulled Seregil in to join him, blew out the lamp, and settled down
      with his head on his
      > shoulder. "Still, it makes you wonder, Phoria being barren."
      > "A bit of bad luck for her, that's all. I don't think she'd care
      much about it, except that she
      > does need an heir."
      > "Mmm. Can't picture her as much of a mother," Alec agreed, then
      yawned heartily.
      > "Some are better suited than others, it's true." Seregil idly
      stroked the bare shoulder under
      > his hand. He was drifting, too, and perhaps that's why the words
      slipped out. "Do you still
      > think about it? What the rhui'auros told you?"
      > Alec didn't say anything for a moment, but Seregil could tell he
      wasn't asleep. "I guess so.
      > Sometimes."
      > "Like tonight? With Micum's brood?" Seregil regretted his words at
      once, feeling Alec go
      > tense.
      > "Why bring that up again?"
      > "They aren't always clear, you know. And I still think maybe you
      got some of it wrong."
      > Alec pulled away and settled on his back. "'I'm the wanderer who
      carries his home in his
      > heart. I'm the bird who makes its nest on the waves. I will father a
      child of no woman.'
      > And it's a blessing. What part of that didn't I understand?"
      > "I'm sorry. Forget I said anything."
      > "Until you bring it up again."
      > "I won't!"
      > "Yes, you will. You did when we were at Watermead last. Sometimes I
      think it bothers you
      > more than it does me."
      > "I just want you to be happy."
      > He couldn't see Alec in the dark, but the sigh that answered spoke
      volumes. "I am. Let it
      > go."
      > Easier said than done. Those uncontrolled feelings were threatening
      again, chasing away
      > any hope of sleep. "You know, Alec, there's no reason you couldn't
      find some willing girl .
      > . ."
      > "What?"
      > Despite the dangerous edge in Alec's tone, Seregil pressed on. "I'm
      just saying that it
      > wouldn't matter to me if you wanted to get a child on someone."
      > There was a moment of truly ominous silence, then the bed lurched as
      Alec flailed his way
      > out of it and left the room. A moment later the door of the next
      chamber, Alec's old room,
      > slammed decisively shut.
    • hametsunosaturn
      Happy New Year~ Heh heh, you should go join this massive thread: http:// groups.yahoo.com/group/Flewelling/message/20676 And help spur that discussion on
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        Happy New Year~

        Heh heh, you should go join this massive thread: http://
        And help spur that discussion on again~!

        --- In Flewelling@yahoogroups.com, "wingstar102" <Wingstar102@...>
        > Happy New Year! To me, to you, and to one of my top three authors
        > the universe! I just joined and read the "snippet". I'm so happy
        > I'm starting to twitch. Yeah. I still can't get my mind around the
        > whole "child born of no woman thing", considering Seregil doesn't
        > the proper plumbing... I have a couple of ideas though. Oh I can't
        > WAIT!
        > Thanks for letting me ramble. Off to paint me nails. Bye and Happy
        > Year once again. And happy Solstice as well.
        > Wingstar
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