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Re: Holiday recipe

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  • summershadows_winterlight
    sounds yummy. I d love to see the recipe :D Charlotte
    Message 1 of 32 , Dec 1, 2005
      sounds yummy. I'd love to see the recipe :D


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      > Does anyone want a recipe for no-bake pumpkin cheesecake?
      > Susan
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    • kelee@att.net
      i ll take your word for it, maybe i ll get them as a christmas present for myself! ... a sample, i really did not like the guy at all, he just wasn t working
      Message 32 of 32 , Dec 23, 2005
        i'll take your word for it, maybe i'll get them as a christmas present for myself!

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        > yeah, i didn't actually buy them, but i went to the website to hear
        a sample, i really did not like the guy at all, he just wasn't
        working for me, other than that, i really want to get them.
        I agree with you about his voice. At first I was upset that he had
        ruined some of my favorite books. However, he does improve as the
        stories go along. If you can get past the first half of LITS, he's
        much better, and by the time TM starts, he didn't phase me at all.

        The dowloads are much cheaper, but I would recommend the MP3 CDs,
        especially if you are using an iPod. The MP3 CDs have tracks that
        are about 10 minutes long, so it's easy to jump ahead if you want and
        if you accidentally jump ahead a track instead of fast forwarding
        through the track you are listening to, it's easy to find your place

        The download versions are usually several REALLY long dowloads
        (usually quite a few hours that your iPod will see as one track
        apiece). If you accidentally don't hold down the forward button long
        enough, the iPod may think you want to skip to the next track instead
        of just forwarding through the current track. Then you stuck going
        through hours of the book to get back to where you were to where you
        were when you hit the damn button! I have a tendency to do this, as
        I listen to them while driving and it's quite frustrating. The
        dowloads still work (and are nicely catagorized into "audiobooks"
        instead of music, so if you put on shuffle for music you don't get a
        track of the book playing instead), just know that this might be
        something that happens.

        I hope all of that made sense,

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