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4305RE: [Flewelling] Re: a treat for Lynn

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  • Loireag
    Sep 4, 2001
      --- Jeff Johnson <jjohnson@...> wrote:
      > A few years ago one of the PBS shows (I can't remember which one) did
      > a
      > whole story on the making of an episode of Homicide:Life on the
      > Streets, and
      > they followed it with the episode itself, broadcast in its entirety
      > without
      > a commercial interruption. It was a superb pievce of 'television
      > about
      > television,' and would have turned even the jaded viewer into a fan
      > of the
      > show.

      That was truly cool -- and it reminded me why Vincent D'Onofrio is an
      underrated actor. It was also fascinating to see the struggle Homicide
      had to put on every week in order to compete with <shudder> Nash
      Bridges. (Apologies to any Nash Bridges fans), as well as over content
      and language. It must be hell to try to get a realistic vision of cops
      on a network channel.

      Robin B.


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