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  • Loireag
    Sep 4, 2001
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      --- Lynn <Leafmirror@...> wrote:
      > Sounds wonderful! I've read bits and pieces about Sir Bell, but have
      > never seen an extensive treatment. And Ian Richardson? yes yes yes!
      > I'm off to check my PBS listings. I've been out of touch this summer.
      > At the moment my only television obsession is the late night reruns
      > of
      > "Homicide:Life on the Streets" on a cable channel. One of the best
      > made shows ever, IMHO.
      > :-)
      > Lynn

      I have to share -- when I read this, Lynn, I let out a little yelp of
      laughter that lead my roommate to look at me rather inquisitively. We,
      oh, about 6 months ago, got equally obsessed (I feel like that's
      spelled wrong...) with Homicide. I do indeed agree, it is an
      excellent, excellent show. Certainly one of the best.

      Also -- have you read the book Homicide:LOTS was based on? It's called
      Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets, by David Simon -- he was a
      crime beat reporter at the Baltimore Sun, and I think (perhaps) remains
      one of the only journalists ever allowed such intimate access to
      Homicide cops. He spent an entire year following the three Homicide
      shifts around. It's an amaingly well-written book, with all of the
      verve and keen observations that the show has along with an incredible
      rhythm. Check it out. :)

      On that note, have you ever seen OZ, the HBO show by the same
      writing/producing team? It's a little more of a soap opera than
      Homicide was, but it's quite intriguing -- if a bit violent.

      sorry for the OT rambling...

      Robin B.

      P.S. My roommate is going to send me her recipe for butternut squash
      soup soon, so I can add it to the roster of soups. :)


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