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4301Re: a treat for Lynn

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  • Lynn
    Sep 2, 2001
      Sounds wonderful! I've read bits and pieces about Sir Bell, but have
      never seen an extensive treatment. And Ian Richardson? yes yes yes!
      I'm off to check my PBS listings. I've been out of touch this summer.
      At the moment my only television obsession is the late night reruns of
      "Homicide:Life on the Streets" on a cable channel. One of the best
      made shows ever, IMHO.



      In Flewelling@y..., HBrown9628@a... wrote:
      > Some weeks ago, there appeared on TV a single episode of something called I
      > think, Dead Rooms: the dark beginnings of Sherlock Holmes. I probably got
      > the first bit wrong as I have a mental block about it. Anyway, it's about
      > Arthur Conan Doyle at University and his tutor Sir something Bell and a bit
      > of investigating. I'd presumed it was a one off, but there are more starting
      > this week. And the interesting thing is it stars Ian Richardson as Bell.
      > It's a BBC show so I'll have a look see if it's a co-production, if not it'll
      > turn up on BBC America I should think.
      > It's a good week for detectives in the UK, Rebus is back too, sigh. John
      > Hannah in adaptions of Ian Rankin's lovely dark books.
      > Helen
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