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4290a treat for Lynn

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  • HBrown9628@aol.com
    Sep 1, 2001
      Some weeks ago, there appeared on TV a single episode of something called I
      think, Dead Rooms: the dark beginnings of Sherlock Holmes. I probably got
      the first bit wrong as I have a mental block about it. Anyway, it's about
      Arthur Conan Doyle at University and his tutor Sir something Bell and a bit
      of investigating. I'd presumed it was a one off, but there are more starting
      this week. And the interesting thing is it stars Ian Richardson as Bell.

      It's a BBC show so I'll have a look see if it's a co-production, if not it'll
      turn up on BBC America I should think.

      It's a good week for detectives in the UK, Rebus is back too, sigh. John
      Hannah in adaptions of Ian Rankin's lovely dark books.


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