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3803daughter of the Blood - OT

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  • Andrea Chavez
    Jul 2, 2001
      Loren wrote of Daughter of the Blood
      -the ugly> scenes. OK I think at
      > least I start to know who with who against whom and
      > why...but nevertheless I am
      > not sure if I read it to the end. Can you give me
      > hope? (is it getting better)

      I certainly didn't think it got any better.....I
      slogged through as much as I could -- and I appreciate
      that OUR LYNN recommended it, but I decided that life
      is too short to read a book you don't like and that
      just because I adore Lynn, doesn't mean we are going
      to agree on all fantasy. I put it down -- actually, I
      think I sold it to a used book store.

      But nevertheless I want this Assassin Fantastic
      > book, and I want it now!!!

      :-) It will come soon.....If Moscow, ID has it, can
      the rest of the world be far behind??

      Andrea C

      "I always pass on good advice,
      It's the only thing to do with it" --Oscar Wilde

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