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3798Re: [Flewelling] Assassin Fantastic

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  • Firesong
    Jul 2, 2001
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      *grmblmble* I really need a good read by Lynn now... I just finished
      Mercedes Lackeys latest Valdemar novel, Brightly Burning and I am
      righteously pissed... how can any writer with the least bit of pride
      sink so low???? Okay the signs were there for some time, but you still
      like to give a favourite writer a chance...
      Even knowing that publishing is all about money and even writing is all
      about money it is disappointing. If I wasn't by principle opposed to
      burning books.... well it would certainly do honor to the title...

      To those who already have AF, how are the other stories?? I am not
      usually a fan of short stories.



      "Buttercup: We'll never survive.
      Westley: Nonsense, you only say that because nobody ever has.
      (The Princess Bride)
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