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3295Re: Casting Game- Animated feature?

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  • takeda_ranko@hotmail.com
    Apr 1 4:01 PM
      Waah. Here I go, sinking into my anime roots...

      > If you take this into consideration you have to think of which
      > have the best voices. Also, I vote for small-name screen stars.
      People with
      > unfamiliar voices would be best.

      I have a few ideas for voice actors, but the whole thing would have
      to be translated into Japanese.

      1. Nysander = Koyasu Takehito. I'm thinking his Touga style from
      2. Alec (or Seregil) = Seki Tomokazu. He'd work equally well for
      either of them, because he can do an Alec-y Chichiri voice or a
      Seregil-ish Van voice. Or Dee, from FAKE. ^_^
      3. Alec = That girl! That girl! You know that girl? Yuuki something.
      She does Omi from Weiss Kreuz. I'll get back to you all on her name.

      Yes, I know these seiyuus (voice actors) are all on Weiss Kreuz. And
      no, I'm NOT thinking of them because I just watched 6 straight hours
      of WK.

      Does anyone else have a clue what I'm talking about? *grins weakly*

      Keeper of KenKen's goggle Windex
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