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  • Tawariel
    Apr 28, 2014
      Actually, I think I will go to bed early and then stay awake all night reading.
      Luckily I don't have to work this week. ;-)
      See you,
      Am 28.04.2014 14:07, schrieb Tahra:
      Yay! Guess you'll go to bed late?
      I should finish it on the way home....
      (ah, that explains it . don't know much about Harry Potter)

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      (It's a Harry Potter character) ;-)

      And now back on topic, I finally have my new book and will start reading this evening... *excited*
      See you,
      Am 28.04.2014 10:01, schrieb Tahra:
      Oh goody.
      Klia's horse is named Moonshine on this last book. As far as I remember, he was never mentioned by name before...
      (Have no idea who Remus Lupin is <blush> )
      I almost wished the boat would be stuck for half an hour or so to give me time to finish the book! (almost almost done!)

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