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25857[Flewelling] New Book, was Re: Awfully quiet...

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  • Paula Lieberman
    Apr 21, 2014
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      I didn't open the original message to to all the malware/spammer/etc. spoof
      messages appearing in yahoo groups these days (generally then have "re" or
      some stupid one word subject line, I look at the raw source message instead
      of opening the message. What I saw on the "Awfully quiet" message was
      encoding instead of ASCII....)

      I did pick up the new book and start reading it but have to get some other
      stuff done before getting back to Alec and Seregil.

      Facebook is a PITA and calling its handling of content "badly organized for
      end users" is an understatement. It's optimized for dumping promotional
      paid crap onto hapless end users and datamining the to sell product which is
      information about the users. Zuckerwhatever =- total slime.

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      From: Joanna White
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      Subject: [Flewelling] Re: Awfully quiet...

      I think they are all on Facebook these days. Personally I won't have
      anything to do with FB and miss the days when this group was active.

      Waiting for the new book to be released in Australia.


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