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25828Finished Casket of Souls & Drawings

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  • Shiva
    Jul 16 10:56 AM
      Hello Lynn & dear co-readers :D

      I just finished Cos yesterday and must say I like it very much. I
      suffered, having the book lying here since the date of the publishing
      and not being able to read it. Unfortunately I had to read 2 other books
      first (for work, d'oh) but now I ate it up in a few days.

      A longer Feedback comes afterwards, first I'd like to show you two
      pictures I drew for another fan of the nightrunner series while looking
      forward to CoS. :D
      I like ACEOs a lot, little trading cards with selfmade art on it. The
      format of the originals is 2,5'' * 3.5''.
      I hope you like them. :D

      Now to CoS *__*


      I really enjoyed the book, especially the life of Alec and Seregil in
      Rhiminee. I had the feeling of getting a better peek into their daily
      life and I liked that very much. However, I was missing Alec a bit and
      had the feeling it was quite Seregil-centered. Don't get me wrong, I
      like Seregil a lot and he is my favorite. But I had the feeling that the
      POV-balance was better in the other books before. Maybe it's just my
      impression and it will change when I re-read it. Sometimes Seregil acted
      a bit too much like the "master" and Alec seemed like his apprentice and
      was amused when they had an argument just about that topic. I guess
      Seregil has learned a bit more to trust his lover.

      Regarding Atre: I hated him from the first moment on, I was suspicious
      about him. He was too vain and self-centered, taking gifts all too
      willingly. And that is good, it makes him a perfect antagonist. He is
      brilliant in his way and in what he does, which is even better. Best is,
      that he does not show any regret or pity for his victims. Brader is like
      his good conscience but didn't stand a chance against Atre's sparkling
      power. Hehe.
      I only wished for him a more dramatic ending, worthy of his perverted
      perfection in life, but that would have been quite unrealistic. I liked
      that Micum had the honor. That solution was very credible and humanic
      just like the unspectacular death of my beloved Vargul...

      Regarding the Royals: I was surprised that I came to like Elani so much.
      Being trained by Phoria to become Queen someday, I expected her to be a
      bit more like her eldest aunt. But she is kind-hearted and sweet-
      Phoria died a good death worthy of her in battle. In the end, maybe her
      hard decision to beat Plenimar up till the end was a wise one, Plenimar
      would have never resigned unless in a crushing battle. Phoria was a
      Queen of war and now goes the reign to Elani, who will do a great job in
      more peaceful times.
      So I hope at least. I'm just sorry for her and Danos.

      The rivaling cabals and their members were partly hard for me to follow,
      due to my bad memory for names. At first, I mixed up Malthus and
      Reltheus and their goals but in the end I got it right. Next time I do a
      mind-map like I did with the Aurenfaie clans. XD

      Hah, the ending was so nice and left me with a warm and fluffy feeling
      and am looking forward to re-reading it.


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