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  • momo mcfarlane
    Jun 8, 2012
      I live in the UK. I pre-ordered Casket of Souls, as I have done with the previous two books in this arc from Amazon. This one arrived very promptly (which made me happy) I'm confused about why one person gets the book from Amazon okay but others don't get that same experience.
      I have read the book. I really enjoyed it and found it very difficult to put down when life necessitated that I needed to do things like eat and sleep :) It felt like a return to the first series and a bit away from the darker tone of the previous two books. I did enjoy those books but I found some of the themes, and the violence a distraction. There was no fault in the writing which was as good as ever just my issues with some contents breaching my focus on reading the book. Casket of Souls is very good and I'd heartily recommend it (and have been doing so to my friends) Its got me looking forward to the next book very much. Thanks for a great read!

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      Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2012 08:51:07 -0700
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      I assure you, Tahra, it is not out of print. :) I don't have a UK publisher, and my books consequently aren't as available there. It's very frustrating. Have you tried the Book Depository? They're usually pretty good for worldwite sales. Barring that, you can order a signed copy from Mysterious Galaxy bookstore in San Diego, CA. They also ship worldwide. http://www.mystgalaxy.com/

      Good luck!


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