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25813Finished Casket of Souls

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  • Nicky
    Jun 7, 2012
      Wow, I just finished Casket of Souls!

      ********Some Spoilers below!***********

      I didn't want to rush through and read it all in a days time so I took my time and read when I could in my spare time. All I can say is WOW. Towards the end I ended up reading a LOT more at a time and it became increasingly more difficult to put the book down.

      Well done Lynn! I was totally engrossed in the plot and the new characters were positively charming. Especially Atre! :) His persona leapt from the page and made me want to know more and read more about him just as he enchanted the other characters in the book.

      I also thought that this book had a good balance of all the characters in their roles. I know some reviews before stated that they wanted to hear more about Beka and Nyal, or Micum, Thero, etc. I think there was a wonderful balance between them all and it wasn't boring. I would usually skip through chapters in some of the previous books with certain characters I wasn't as entertained with. Not with this one. I wanted to know just as much about them as Seregil and Alec.

      I loved the plot. It was unlike any other book I have read which is a refreshing thing to a reader. It wasn't what I was expecting either from the previous snippets that I had read before the book had been released. So that was another surprise.

      In the end the only thing I was somewhat disappointed in was that Seregil didn't get to have a wonderfully detailed fight scene with Atre! I was yelling for Seregil the whole time, and was a little sad that he ended up fighting Brader instead. Though I realized that perhaps Atre may not be as adept a swordsman? So perhaps that was the reason. Either way I feel like they would have been quite a match for each other seeing as they are quite similar in certain aspects. I guess I just wanted to envision two handsomely charming characters with such talent and quickness trying to outsmart one another. Ah well...I digress!

      I was also very touched by the emotions Alec had for all of the children. I even teared up when Illia caught the sickness. I really wasn't expecting that!

      All in all a wonderful book to read. Very close style wise to the first two Nightrunner books. Brought back many memories, and I can't wait to read the final (sad day :*( ) one!
      Thanks again Lynn!

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