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2426Re: [Flewelling] Songs (was Hello, and Question about Alec's sexuality)

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  • Leafmirror@aol.com
    Oct 8, 2000
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      In a message dated 10/7/00 10:20:20 PM, peshumelga@... writes:

      >> Neat. I haven't heard any of those. But then I just came home with
      >> Stones and Warren Zevon CDs.
      >*shrugs* *listens to all kinds of music* It helps me get ideas on
      >drawings and short silly stories I have no intention of publishing.
      >Some of the music I have is the most current....some is as old as 70's.

      That old?! ;-) *Big teasing grin* Sorry, for me, that's last week. I feel
      that way about my 1920s blues recordings and Glenn Miller.

      Elderly LF
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