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22708RE: [Flewelling] Shadows Return Snippet

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  • Wendy
    May 3, 2008
      *Is at a lost for words* You're. you're. you're so mean! I'm going to be
      thinking of that the whole time I'm at work now. *Pouts* and as Cheri said,
      it'll probably be all wrong.

      And speaking of NR4, I've managed to preorder a copy at one of my local
      bookshops. The girls there all know my names, so it's great; they pull a few
      strings for me. Sadly no discounts yet, not that I really expected them.
      Though it would be nice if I could get them with how expensive books are
      these days, with that said, who knows, by the end of this year I may have
      snared a job there. ^^ Then I'd get my discounts.


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      It occurred to me that I haven't tortured you with a snippet in a while.
      Here's one to tide you
      over to June.

      Alec bent over him, concerned. "Does it still hurt?"

      "No," Seregil gasped, "but that was less fun than I thought it would be."

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