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20974Re: [Flewelling] Anne Bishop: was NR Relationship

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  • Paula Lieberman
    Apr 1, 2007
      The paperback for Sebastian has been out for some number of weeks.

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      From: "Brenda" <wolfsbabe_84@...>

      > is the paperback for sebastian out yet? I think it was supposed to be
      > released in feb. I was waiting for the paperback (half because I had alot
      > of other books to read and it's cheaper and I don't have enough room on my
      > bookshelf for hardbacks....:-P to many books...). Glad to hear it's good
      > though. I read the first chapter online that she put on her site. from
      > that I know it seemed interesting. Can't be anything but good being that
      > her other two trilogies are good.
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