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19605Kirkrus Review for Elemental Anthology

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  • lynn_flewelling
    Mar 1, 2006
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      Stories of Science Fiction and Fantasy

      Author: Savile, Steven

      Review Date: MARCH 01, 2006
      Pages: 384
      Price (hardback): $24.95
      Price (paperback): $13.95
      Publication Date: 5/16/2006 0:00:00
      ISBN: 0-765-31562-9
      ISBN (hardback): 0-765-31562-9
      ISBN (paperback): 0-765-31563-7
      Category: FICTION
      Classification: SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY

      Anthology of speculative fiction, with proceeds going to Save the Children's Tsunami Relief

      Themes vary a great deal in these 23 stories, which range from faerie fantasy to military
      SF, and there is hardly a letdown in the bunch. David Gerrold starts it all off with one of
      the best entries, "Report from the Near Future: Crystallization," which revolves around the
      collapse of the L.A. traffic system. Adam Roberts follows with "And Tomorrow and," a
      darkly comic retelling of Macbeth that includes some extrapolations into the murderous
      Scot's future. Jacqueline Carey's haunting and lyrical "In the Matter of Fallen Angels"
      explores the extraordinary through the eyes of the ordinary. In "Tough Love 3001," Juliet
      Marillier takes a humorous look at writing workshops-and alien interactions. Sharon
      Shinn's "The Double Edged Sword" is an evocative and beautifully written fantasy about an
      exiled healer who must face her past. "The Potter's Daughter," an Ile-Rien prequel from
      Martha Wells, shows half-faerie girl Kade confronting a sorcerer and her half-breed
      heritage. Overall, the rising stars outshine the superstars. Larry Niven and JoeHaldeman
      offer enjoyable minor fare, while SFWA Grand Master Brian Aldiss presents a nicely written
      but slight tale of tigers. Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson deliver yet another "Dune"
      story, sure to be incomprehensible to those who haven't read the whole saga. In between
      these extremes are several above-average tales, including a "Legion of the Damned" story
      from William C. Dietz, an immortality tale from Syne Mitchell and a fantasy by Lynn

      Devoted to a good cause, with more hits than misses.