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Re: Brakes on MO John: Mighty Mo is now owned buy Ric's oldest son Mark. My guess is that Mo's trail riding days are over, and will be used mainly for plowing and grading the
Rogan M.
Apr 15
Re: Brakes on MO So, who has Mo now? John Sauter ... From: jcwmechanic@... To: FlatFenders@yahoogroups.com Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 11:14 AM Subject: [FlatFenders]
John & Cindy Sauter
Apr 15
Brakes on MO Bring Mo down any time. I don't text, please call or email. I do check my email daily. JW
Apr 15
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Re: Helloooo Actually getting a bit more done on the '47 2A albeit a very small amount. Counting down to the official rollout in 2016!. It seems every time I get going on
Mar 24
Re: Helloooo Sounds sweet can't wait to see it!
Mar 12
Re: Helloooo OK, I'm back on the internet now. John the 3a has under gone some changes. It now has a tail gate, with a new rear bumper. Roll cage was lowered 2.5 in. tied
Mar 11
Re: Helloooo Update from Fltfndr, Appears I may be the only one who did not take the winter off. Got my Mustang radiator mounted, thanks to John Sauter Fabricated my new
Mar 4
Re: Winter Really, there's nothing that we can do about winter. However, My son bought a Mustang convertible after an ice storm yesterday. It was the kind of deal that he
mark compall
Mar 3
Winter Hi All - The winter in Wisconsin has been too long and too cold. Everything  is still buried in snow, the salt is still on the roads 'cause it keeps snowing
Mar 3
Re: Helloooo It's good to hear some activity on this site since Ric's passing. Soon as the winter weather is out of my area, annual maintenance will take place first, the
mark compall
Mar 3
Re: Helloooo John...my M38CDN is quietly awaiting spring out in the shop.....Wilf captw 1945 Dodge D3/4 W/P APT 1952 Ford M38CDN jeep 1953 MCI M100CDN trailer 1953 Dodge
Mar 2
Re: Helloooo Still sitting in the barn where it was 2 years ago when I took the fuel pump off. Christopher W. Bryan W.T.Bryan and Associates, Inc. 11275 Sebring Drive
Chris Bryan
Mar 2
Helloooo Hi all, I know this group gets quiet unless there is a Frenzy in the near future, but I want to hear what is going on with everyone and their wonderful Willys
John & Cindy Sauter
Mar 2
Re: Passing of Ric Meagley I had talked to Ric, thursday . he was to bring MO down to me , to get the brakes working. JW
Jan 1
RV: Jeeping and painting! Hi fellows! I hope you´ll enjoy one of my newest artwork devoted to the WW2 Willys MB / Ford GPW jeep:
Roberto Flores
Dec 29, 2013
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Re: Passing of Ric Meagley Just this past Thursday, I was driving through Toledo and pointed out to my wife and daughter the parking lot where I took my 3A to the Father's Day Jeep show
John & Cindy Sauter
Dec 29, 2013
Passing of Ric Meagley Ric's passing is very sad news indeed. I was first acquainted with Ric at the Father's day Willys reunions held in Toledo, OH at the Jeep plant back 15 or
Dec 29, 2013
2013 This is the LAST Friday you can drive your Willys in 2013 !!! Don Norris Southeast, NC 1953 CJ3B 1959 Jeep Pickup 195? M100 trailer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The trail
Dec 27, 2013
Re: Holidays :) MerryChristmas John Sent from my iPad
Mike Lambert
Dec 27, 2013
Re: Holidays :) Indeed! Merry Christmas & happy New Year to all FFF (Flat Fender Friends). Mark in Indiana 1945? CJ2A ... On Thu, 12/26/13, John & Cindy Sauter
mark compall
Dec 26, 2013
Holidays :) Hi All, I am hoping everyone had a Merry Christmas. I wish a Happy New Year for all of my Flatfender Buddies. John Sauter
John & Cindy Sauter
Dec 26, 2013
Sold the 3A It's official guys, I sold my 3A. It is staying within this group however. John Waddle is the new owner. From what I understand, it has already received
John & Cindy Sauter
Nov 1, 2013
Re: Progress on Willy Will miss you Ric. First time in years you have not been there. =treehugger ________________________________ From: Mighty Mo To:
Sep 12, 2013
Re: Progress on Willy [1 Attachment] Nice collection Treehugger. John ... From: luvjeeping@... To: FlatFenders@yahoogroups.com Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 4:45 PM Subject: Re:
John & Cindy Sauter
Sep 12, 2013
Re: Progress on Willy [1 Attachment] Yep French Lick is a no-go this year. Very nice photo of your Jeeps® Ric - Toledo, Ohio Home of the World Famous Jeep®
Mighty Mo
Sep 11, 2013
Re: Progress on Willy Hey Ric - Always a big job pulling them apart and putting them back together. I know only too well after last winter. Sounds like you won't make the French
Sep 11, 2013
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Re: Progress on Willy Ric, Thanks for the update. I look forward to October and some pictures of Willy with new paint. John ... From: Mighty Mo To: FlatFenders@yahoogroups.com
John & Cindy Sauter
Sep 11, 2013
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Progress on Willy It has been slow going but some progress has been made. Body is mounted along with the fenders hood and grill The windshield has been installed and the latched
Mighty Mo
Sep 11, 2013
Re: Big Rock at Maysville John, I am out. We are moving Ashley back to school Sunday. Have a good time. John ... From: JOHN To: FlatFenders@yahoogroups.com Sent: Friday, August 23,
John & Cindy Sauter
Aug 23, 2013
Big Rock at Maysville Heading to Big Rock this Sunday on the 25th. If anyone can make it we will be there around 11:00 AM. Probably ride for about 3 hours. Hope to see you there.
Aug 23, 2013
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