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Sony Ericsson Flash Lite™ UI Components 2.0 beta n ow available

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  • Lucas Guilherme
    http://developer.sonyericsson.com/site/global/newsandevents/latestnews/newsaug09/p_sony_ericsson_flash_lite_ui_components_20_beta.jsp AUGUST 19 , 2009 *Sony
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      AUGUST 19 , 2009

      Sony Ericsson Flash Lite™ UI Components 2.0 beta now available.

      Sony Ericsson has released Flash Lite™ UI Components version 2.0 beta. Sony Ericsson UI components enable Flash developers to build custom user interfaces in a fraction of the time it used to take, without compromising too much on performance and memory.

      The components can also be used with Sony Ericsson’s Project Capuchin, where the UI presentation is designed in Flash Lite™ while the data logic is provided by Java code.

      18 new components have been introduced in version 2.0 beta, greatly extending the possibilities of your Flash applications without running out of memory.

      • Action List Dialog
      • Basic Dialog
      • Confirmation Dialog
      • Image
      • Infotip
      • List Check Box
      • List Radio Button
      • Notification
      • Options Menu Top Level
      • Options Menu Sub Level
      • Scrollable Area
      • Scrollable Text
      • Slider
      • Status Bar
      • Text
      • Title
      • Toolbar Fixed
      • Toolbar Floating


      Here are some examples of the new UI components in 2.0 beta:

      Action List Dialog (shown) plus Basic Dialog and Confirmation Dialog
      Floating Toolbar (shown) plus Fixed Toolbar
      Options Menu including sub-menu capability

      The new Sony Ericsson Flash Lite UI Components Help document describes the components in detail and provides tips and tricks on their usage and customization.

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