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Sony Ericsson Flash Lite Components

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  • Lucas Guilherme
    Very cool and easy to use the Sony Ericsson Flash Components
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2009
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      Very cool and easy to use the Sony Ericsson Flash Components


      New Flash Lite™ UI Components. A Flash MXP package for Flash® and Project Capuchin developers.

      Sony Ericsson has introduced a set of Flash Lite™ User Interface components. With Sony Ericsson UI components, Flash developers can now build custom user interfaces in a fraction of the time it used to take without compromising too much on performance and memory.

      The components can also be used with Sony Ericsson’s Project Capuchin, where the UI presentation is designed in Flash Lite™ while the data logic is provided by Java code.

      The colors and graphics have been specially designed to match the style of Sony Ericsson’s user interface, so that your applications look and feel familiar to end users. The components are also optimized and accessible so that Flash designers can easily revolutionize the way they look and feel in terms of skin, colors, fonts, transparency, animation and many other properties that can change from application to application.

      Sony Ericsson UI components have been carefully crafted to address the needs and limitations of mobile phones. For example, one typical Flash Lite push button requires 665 kbytes, while five buttons from the Sony Ericsson UI Components package require only 541 kbytes. The components are packed in to a single MXP file, the format used by Adobe® to install components.

      The first release includes the following components:

      Here you can see some examples using the UI components as they are delivered, and with extra customization to make them look just how you want:

      Standard radio button and customized softkey components
      Customized two-line list and softkeys
      Customized list and softkeys, showing automatic scrolling of a long string in the sub-text part.

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