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  • d c
    hi - thanks scott, alessandro for feedback.... ... on+off. actually it looks like it will be a monthly column. ... not yet, but we re working on a facebook
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2008
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      hi -

      thanks scott, alessandro for feedback....

      > 1. When is your deadline? By "news article" ... do you mean something
      > printed, online? both? Length of it?

      on+off. actually it looks like it will be a monthly column.

      > 2. Congrats on joojoo.jp ... is there a direct link to access content from
      > abroad (even if it is in Japanese)?

      not yet, but we're working on a facebook widget version that will of
      course access from PC.

      > 3. The business aspects are important for sure, but Mobile seems to evolve
      > on multiple fronts, even if the penetration and uptake is slower.

      the qualcomm/adobe announcement might finally see some real
      penetration on verizon... just before they dump qc chips in the move
      to LTE?

      > 4. Maybe those of us with blogs in the Flash community, can all make a short
      > summary blog post to relay information back to you. Have you made a blog
      > post? Maybe formalize this into a blog post and then ask for feedback on
      > your blog and/or ask people to trackback to your blog entry ... I think that
      > would probably work best.

      hmm, good idea... (but dreamhost hosts my blog and its offline right
      now. they suck)

      > -sj
      > d c wrote:
      > hiya
      > DC here from pikkle. i manage a flashlite production co here in tokyo,
      > and have been asked to write up a newsletter article for developers,
      > regarding flashlite. i wonder, what ideas below might be of interest
      > to people? this is mainly going to be japan focused but thought i
      > would ask this list.
      > my personal feeling is that tech issues are pretty well-covered. most
      > "developers" are more interested in how they(we) can actually make
      > money with FL or persuade clients to invest. this maybe cos the FL
      > developers are mainly 3-4 ppl companies, where the lead engineer is
      > also often the guy signing the cheques. solving tech problems is a lot
      > easier than generating the next $50k of business. this maybe just me
      > projecting, but solving tech issues is generally easy compared to
      > feeding the beast.
      > FYI we (pikkle) also just launched joojoo, a full-flash games portal
      > here in japan. more info @ joojoo.jp (japanese, sorry)
      > any other ideas appreciated too but:
      > - differences between US + japanese phones
      > - beyond the emulator
      > what you can do (and not) with screensavers, chakuflash, inside the
      > browser etc.
      > differences between carriers
      > - new features
      > decome anime
      > FLV on the phone
      > - bugs and workarouds
      > eg flash9 makes files bigger than FL8. embedded fonts dont work in 1.1/osx
      > etc.
      > - openscreen project
      > what it means to you.
      > - flashlite 1.1 is dead!
      > but whats the difference? is there anything you can really do with 2.0
      > that is new to the user, or just makes things easier for developers?
      > eg - you can change the color property of a sprite. read XML data.
      > anything else?
      > - full-flash
      > moving from html sites w/ inline animations to full-flash sites. how
      > best to convince a client to adopt!
      > the questions we get.
      > - flashlite ROI
      > why bother? FL is more expensive compared to XHTML, but cheaper than
      > java. so is FL just limited to cheap mini-games?
      > any other ideas? i dont read the flash blogs/MLs much - what do you
      > think are hot topics?
      > thanks!
      > /dc
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