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Re: [FlashLite] power-hungry flash lite apps

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  • vivek
    Flash ringtone will be great Ugur :) Love to see that . . Cheers vivek www.i2fly.com www.blog.i2fly.com Ugur Kaner wrote:
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 29, 2008
      Flash ringtone will be great Ugur :)
      Love to see that . .


      Ugur Kaner <ugur@...> wrote:
      Hi Naz,

      Thanks for sharing your experience!

      Your guess is right, it ran all night and drained your battery. Some
      screensavers on KISS60 are marked as 'Battery Friendly' (check Rick's
      World), some of them are not. We highly recommend screensaver designers
      to stop their movies after ~10 seconds to avoid such problems, but
      that's not always possible for some types (i.e clock). Due this
      situation is not controlled by KISS60, it's a Flash Lite side design
      issue. In general case power saver pops up and usually stops Flash Lite
      player, but I guess in your case this didn't happen. I also remember in
      Series 40, some screensavers stop, some don't.

      It's same for start-up. Due such a feature requires Symbian Signed, we
      didn't include that in Beta release. Once everything is tested well, we
      will bring that on.

      We are also planning to add Flash Ringtone capability in next releases.
      We thought it would be interesting :)



      naz wrote:
      > Hi all!
      > I just got an N93 for FL testing, and it works great :)
      > Anyway, I installed KISS60 (http://www.kiss60. com/
      > <http://www.kiss60. com/>), and it was
      > fantastic for displaying screensavers :) I am now a fan :)
      > A funny thing happened though:
      > The night before, I set the widget-type screensaver "Green Earth"
      > from momode.com (amazing clock/screensaver btw!). When I woke up in
      > the morning, my phone was dead, its battery seemed to have drained.
      > I'm guessing since flash lite was running all night and into the wee
      > hours of the morning, with a semi-complex app like Green Earth,
      > perhaps this accelerated the draining of the battery of my handset.
      > On the other hand, it could have been another kind of error, as when
      > I recharged my handset and rebooted, KISS60 no longer worked as a
      > screensaver.
      > I suppose the lesson to be learned is that don't make Flash Lite
      > screensavers too CPU-intensive?
      > I'm now wondering how fast a Flash Lite screensaver eats battery life
      > on phones with Flash Lite pre-installed and have screensaver
      > capabilities.
      > Any thoughts/comments, guys?
      > -Naz

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